Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pennypack Creek Cleanup on a snowy day in April - Penitent Sunset

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Internet photo.

It began snowing - huge wet snowflakes - around 9 am, as predicted.

Scott and I dressed warmly and drove over. Here are highlights.

We were on Chris's team. Who's Chris? Dunno. He works there and drives a two-seater RAM truck.

Image result for ram truck  The heat works well.

We were ffffffreezing at first but then got used to it.

I said to a woman holding a big black trash bag, as we all were, Gosh, there are so many straws here.

How many chocolate milkshakes can people drink in secret places so they won't get caught?

Were they cheaters from Weight Watchers?

She quickly told me people snorted cocaine thru the straws. Then to show me what an upstanding citizen she was, she told me how she lectured her four children about not using drugs.

She added that she told her children she and her husband never used drugs.

I held back my laffter and contempt. Women like her would make a great character in a book.

My biggest find was a bright green Little League ball.

Image result for signed babe ruth ballScott pulled out a milk crate with his big muscled arms.

As last year, we walked through the prickly fields and thorns. But we were determined to get every last Starbucks cup, black lid, pieces of pebbled Styrofoam, soda can, and water bottles.

When plastic cups have been around a while, they shatter! You pick it up and it crumbles in your double-gloved hand.

Hey, I learned a little about science.

Our team finished up so Scott and I waited by the truck.

What were they doing? Where were they?

They stood in a big clump. Talking? Playing word games? Singing happy birthday?

We were freezing but marched around on the grass and me, stomping in puddles, to get the mud off my sneakers.

When we walked into The Barn, Mary Robertson, wife of the director, had the T-shirt table set up. Scott and I each got a large blue T-shirt.

And walked over to the extended food table

Image result for hot dog and bunI got two hot dogs with mustard and relish. Delicious! Thother day I got a Wawa hot dog which wasn't very good.

Scott commented, How can something on mushy white bread be so delicious?

When I told my mom about my two hot dogs, she said Ruth, that's a lot.

That woman can still cut me to the quick.

The cookies looked great but I had none. I tried the hot veggie hoagie but it was no good.

A lot of teenagers were there, including Ben, who sat at our table and was on our team. He goes to Central High in Philly. He got a ride over.

Another large group of people were coming in to eat. So, dig this! One of the women servers is gobbling up the cookies. She's not even tasting them. She's shoveling them into her mouth like she's watching TV and eating peanuts.

At home, everything went into the washing machine, including jacket with hood, the warmest pants I have and two shirts.

 Snow? Where is thy sting? You're gone today.

Here is the penitent sunset, from my baffroom window

 Hello, last of the sugar maples.

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