Monday, April 4, 2016

Mom's 72nd Wedding Anniversary - More John Rogers on Designing with Natives - My true story published in Hektoen - Sweet Potato Raisin Soup

Just got home from Part Two of John Rogers talk on helping the environment. Luckily, we got a bigger crowd tonight. Seven, including me. I got there late since I wasn't sure if it started at 7 or 7:30.

Oh, there's Ruth, said John, when I walked in.

John answers questions from this artsy-looking woman who has problems growing things in her backyard.

She had some trees taken down - they were old - and says nothing will grow under them bc the lack of topsoil.

Later I asked John where we could buy native plants around here. Remember, these plants/shrubs/trees have been growing here for 14,000 years.

Collins Nursery, he said.

I'd never heard of it.

You need an appointment to get in.  Not too far, in Roslyn.

Here's some pix I took of the slide show.

Half the migrating birds never make it!

 Planet Earth contains the same things today as it did when it was formed 4.5 Billion Years Ago.

A Walk in the Woods, he said, reduces stress and depression. Every time Scott and I get home from Pennypack, he says, That was so relaxing.

I don't find it relaxing as we trounce up and down huge hills. But I love the exercise.


Okay, let's get this over with already. I think Hektoen International, HQ'd in Chicago, rejected most of my work for their 2016 issue.

That is really terrible!

When I goggled myself I found this true story published last Fall 2015. Sugar High and Low.


Gotta remember how to make it.

Dan gave me this beef broth.

See the sweet potato slices?  Dried lentils for protein. They cook fast. Onions, garlic, mushrooms, and cinnamon stick.

 Really good!

It's a pleasure to cook when you listen to good audio books. Am nearly done with

Image result for melanie benjamin alice

Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin. The story of the woman who Alice in Wonderland was based on.

As an older woman, she's not very likeable, a factor of her hauteur and perfectionism.


Just took my blood sugar.

How did it get so low?


So, apparently, this sweet potato soup is a good thing to make if you have diabetes.

Am finishing up a salad I bought yesterday at The Giant.

Oh, I guess I ate most of it outside on the front step.

Just finished the slice of canned peach now.

I'll eat more so my blood sugar rises.

Scuse me.


Am munching on one of those Fruit and Nut Bars for when you go low. Beatriz gave it to me at our last Writers Group.

It's actually too sweet for me.

Image result for licorice candyThother night Scott and I were shopping together. I wanted a treat to eat while we were watching Sunday night TV.

Bought THREE pieces of licorice from the bin at Giant.

Very satisfying!

Then brushed my teeth.


I think it was on Sunday that I awoke with a TERRIBLE STIFF NECK AND ARM.

Probly from watching programs on my laptop.

Slightly better today but, boy, did it ache. It was so bad I was thinking of emailing my doctor and asking what I could take for the pain.

Bc of all my antirejection meds, only two, but I can't just take any old pain medication.

I forgot what it was like to be in pain.

Hey, maybe I should write a poem about dat!


The anniversary poem got lots of nice responses on FB. 


Seventy-two years ago today
my parents married. Never were
two people happier
or more in love.

Mom wore a snazzy purple dress
that showed her sexy curves
and Dad, a button-down
olive-green Marine Corps dress
suit, shiny cap a-rest on
the piano.

Home on furlough
from Camp Lejeune.

Any time I wish I can view that
suit in Mom's closet, rest my head
against the fuzzy wool
and pretend, "Why, Dad
you're still alive!" 

Excuse me as I hover over
the wedding on
Marlindale Road in
Cleveland, an
Angel Gabriel foretelling
the future.

Happiness would come
in droves. Children -
count em - six! Ruth
Donna Ellen Lynn Amy
and blue-bonnetted
David, so talented
yet so sad.

Wherever we went in
Dad's Country Squire
he'd lead us deep in
song. "When the red
red robin comes bob
bob bobbing along....
along. There'll be
no more sobbing..."

Until Dad's life was
snuffed out early, only
59 - oh, they all came
to visit - saw him curled
up beneath the Monet
print of Poppy Fields -
said their final goodbyes

Of course he's never left us
and never will. Imprinted
like a medal of valor
upon our hearts, my
father walks with me
wherever I go.

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