Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth - Poem: The Elderly Couple

I knew I had to write one of my Facebook poems for the queen.

Her birthday was April 21. She was 90 years old.


Beloved by all who know them
except perhaps for a
jet-setting daughter-in-law
they are plain people
highly educated
with a pedigree finer
than any
Sealyham Terrier at
the Crufts Dog Show

Celebrating her ninetieth
she walks on the cobblestones
outside her roomy home,
her beloved
Philip always her
protector, as
neighbors flock
round her to shake
her hand and touch
the elegant proper
white gloves.

Blue-eyed, white haired
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
a string of glittering pearls
around her neck and
the hat we're
accustomed to see

Remains a symbol of stability
and righteousness
in a world ringed with
Image result for queen elizabeth young
As we cry Long live the Queen
Long live the Queen!

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