Thursday, April 7, 2016

Book Group - New Poems: Mammogram - The Produce Aisle - Mrs. Adler's Gefilte Fish

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You know my propensity to read many books at a time. Altho I'd read this book before and loved it, I remembered nothing and hated it. So it was with dread that I picked it up each time.

Suddenly the book got really good! And was a pleasure to read. Adam, our leader, said the exact same thing.

Let's see what the Times said about it. Oh, it was nominated for a Pulitzer! I emailed Adam that I'd be late, as I still had 75 pages to read.

I did manage to p pate in the discussion. All 8 of us loved it. I'm still reading it.


So I had the Addictions Program on my Calendar. 7 to 9 pm at the Giant.

Oh dear. I was so late. Napped until 6:50 and the Addictions Program started at 7 pm.

Two SEPTA trains passed by. I drummed on my steering wheel and listened to my audio book.

Finally I got to the Giant, parked in my usual spot, and quickly walked to the upstairs classrooms.

"When what to my wondering eyes did appear" - nothing! Nada! There was no addictions program tonite, Suzanne told me.

Well sir, I might as well do my shopping. Told her I was gonna make a soup tonite. She said to put lots of veggies in it, when I asked what to make. Here it is... camera steady, yet it comes out blurry.

Cripes! Remind me to check it in a few minutes.

All's I do is go to the salad bar and pick out veggies to saute. Celery, olives (!), purple cabbage, cheese, and added my own mushrooms and onions and their Campari tomatoes.

Campari tomatoes on the vine

For a special treat I bought

Mrs. Adler's Gefilte Fish. When I put it in the fridge I noticed on the label "Sweet Recipe."

Hold on. I forgot to inject. Lemme try four units as it's mostly protein.

I'm gonna write a poem about it. Will add it to my Facebook poems.

Here are two I just wrote.

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To please Dr Cynthia
I said I'd get a
mammogram, controversial
though it is.

The Mary Sachs Breast
Center right around the
corner fit me in
like a lost library
book assuming its
place on the shelf.

Judy was my dark-haired
host. The all plastic
machine was a marvel
Plexiglass shelves
lovingly bore
down on each breast.

They seem to get bigger
with time, I said, making
polite conversation, to her

I helped her lay each
pliable fish-like
appendage on the
shelf, arm clasping
balance beam
and chin held high
like a Tolstoy princess

Then held my breath
the hardest part
one two three
one two three
until Judy, who
smelled like
Febreze bid
me go home.

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Some folks follow a diet
The Atkins
The South Beach
The Grapefruit

I simply follow my
eye, strolling as if
on a Sunday promenade
round the colorful
produce aisle

If I'm lucky
I'll see the
spritzer wash
the sleeping
baby spinach

Baby carrots,
like tiny lopped-
off fingers call
me from their

I saunter off to the
mushrooms on an
unreachable top shelf

Thank you sir, I
say to a man in
a tie and business suit
who lowers it
down into my
awaiting arms

At home the astounding
colors swirl in the
bowl with my red
a ready-to-
eat Picasso


I think it's fair to say that if
I hadn't been born Jewish
"gefilte fish" would just be
one of those landmark
Jewish words like
afikomen and

Gramma Green,
religious as a
saint, used a special
sawing tool
round on the bottom
like a rocking chair
chopped three types
of fish.

Fish, you know, the
symbol for Christianity.
She worked all day
to mash and and poach
and season to perfection
her pillow-shaped
served cold.

Cold fish! With beet-
colored horseradish.
We survived. Survived the
purges. I offer every
delicious bite to
the six million martyrs
who God forgot.
God? Who thought
up that joke?

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