Thursday, March 3, 2016

The birds return to the bird bath - Zucchini Roast - Poem: Trucks and Vans and What Color Shall We Call You (nail polish)

We had a deal, or so I thought.

The birds would eat at Scott's - he spends almost as much money on birdseed as people food - and then they'd come over here for their morning ablutions.

After the bird bath spouted a slow leak, I went to Hatboro Hardware and the fellow sold me GOOP. Scott mended it in his basement, tested it out, and then proudly presented it to the world of birds.

Not a one came.

They needed a few days to get used to it.

Two days ago dozens of birds arrived, with mourning doves in the lead. 

Last nite I spoke to my friend Judy D from Niwot, COLO. She loves the chaos in the Republican camp brought about by Donald Trump. She's a "Bernie" person herself and is one of the smartest people I know. A political junkie as was my old deceased friend Bill Cardinale.

I still have some true stories I wrote about Bill that I never published. He picked me up in his white Caddy convertible and we drove to Ocean City.

"I'm a fast driver, Ruthie," he said. He was fast and good.

We also met in Manhattan where he took me to see Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
I knew Bill couldn't understand a word of it cuz he wore a hearing aid.

I'll tell ya, I have such good stories about Bill that maybe I'll do a first-person for our writing group on Saturday.

We're hoping the snow melts so we can make it.

Here's a little ditty I wrote about these lovely new nails. Hmmm, wonder who they belong to.


Orange Slush?
Amaryllis Red?
Or how about
Pearly Mabel?

The nail salon
with smiley
Flora at the helm
tells me Nice Fingers
I hold them out
as if they were
feathers from a

A fresh coat of
paint, Coastal
Paradise for my
Aqua Bedroom
or this invention
of stunning color
in a laboratory
far away

Makes of me a
new woman, who
looks good while
sipping tea, pinkie
lifted, and dunking
the last of the
Thin Mints inside.

 Scrumptious dish I made with fave veggies. Zucchini, mushrooms and onions, smothered with Swiss Cheese.

Told Mom about the meal when I visited her today. Swiss cheese, she said, is very tasty. I sat near her as her hearing's not too good. I read from the autism book I checked outa the library.

Image result for in a different key the story of autismThese must be the authors.

Returned the book today to the libe. I was one-eighth finished and will request it again.

Donald Triplett was 20 in the part I read her. The town he lived in, a southern town, got to know and respect him. They called him DG and considered him a math wizard. Instead of calling people by their names, he gave everyone a number.

His friend on the football team he gave 179 (I think).

Later they learned that was what he weighed.

Mom really enjoyed hearing it.

I was so tired I took a nap on the purple couch.

Aunt Ethel's couch. The entire lower level is a museum to Aunt Ethel.

Wrote a letter to Judy Diaz this morning, trying to get it finished before Mailman Justin delivered his load of junk to me.

Decided to write a new poem.

Lemme run upstairs and email it down to me.

Before I post the poem, wanna finish this by 9 pm as there's a PBS show about astronaut Scott Kelly's year in space.

Watched part of it last night but fell asleep. He and his Russian colleague each had their own part of the capsule, which seemed pretty large.

When danger lurked, they got back into the 'driver's seat' for protections, in case they had to take off. Say, if they were attacked by Klingons or pieces of rubble from other space launchings, where the astronauts left their garbage in deep space.

I told Scott before he walked to the train station that the astronaut Scott Kelly said that deep space has a certain smell.

Metallic burning smell, he said. Probably bc of all the rubble from other space crafts.

What? It should smell like Manhattan Clam Chowder?


They arrive every morning when
the sun comes over the roof of
Charlie's house

Trucks and vans of every kind

A white van brings home baby
Mirolee from the hospital

A dazzling white van with
orange sun announces
I'm coming to fertilize
that drab green lawn
of yours

What I want to see is
a woman's face on the
side, smiling at us,
with dangling
earrings at a slant

The message is written
all in caps
Forever young
Get it here
Get it now
From this moment
on, you can choose
whatever age
you want to be.

Your pleasure, please?


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