Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nothing better than when they call you "Bubby" - or when Marcy likes my true story - Poem: 22 Candles

 We met at Mom's house at 1 pm
 David and Max
Two little heads peeking out at the kitchen table

 Ellen made us coffee. She begins by making enuf for one person. Then, I say, Uh, Ellen? Can I have more?
 Kam's birthday is this Saturday. Just wrote her a poem. And Marcy liked it!
Mom is doing really well, after her fall. Does she think she's a cowgirl in this picture?

 Grace, 5, found some cotton in the living room. I tried to hide it but she found it. Leave it to kids! She's making a beard on her dad, who she calls Dan.
 She's making me a Peter Cottontail!  We're in the living room, as are the boys below. Hugging!

 Childhood photo of when we lived on Glenmore Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio.  My sister Donna is holding little brudder David. Tommy Turnock is sitting next to her.
Here's my Leeway Foundation award book. I got $5,000 for Creative Nonfiction.

 Grace was throwing grass on Nikki's hair.

 Mom's physical therapist Lori helps Mom outside with her walker.

I wonder who invented the walker, said Mom.

Mr Walker? Invented in England.  Will call her tomro to tell her.
Peekaboo - who dat? David.

 This is my stove top BEFORE I cleaned it with the special Weiman foaming solution.

Sadly, it doesn't look much better AFTER I cleaned up.
 My favorite dessert is pudding.

Bought it at the Giant Supermarket.

It was off-the-charts delicious and so was my blood sugar.
Then Dan and the kids went to Masons Mill Park. I went along, too. What a fab time we all had. I think we're on FB.


forested home
of Kamelia
daughter of
retired teacher
and homemaker
who viewed the
vast skies with
wonder, wishing
for one thing

To fly on silver wings
to America. Looking out
the airplane window
she laughed, as she
munched on Macadamians
in the little silver packet.

Tyler was waiting. Caught her
in his football-player's arms
and carried her to the altar
on a small farm outside New Hope

Her white gown trailing in
the emerald-green grass

Who's this with his wide
round face, his sunny
blond head, and unending
smile? They call him

Will he play chess like
his mom? Will he fix
things like his dad?

Time will waft little
David to the man
he's meant to be.

Will he help Kamellia
blow out the candles on
her birthday cake?


And many more.

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