Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meeting of March 15 with the Pat Kind Family Foundation Trustees - Debut of the 2016 Compass

Tonight, March 15, is when Valerie and Chrissie would observe our meeting. I know they are wonderful people that make you feel comfortable.

We'll find out if we get the grant in mid-April. 

Got to the church around noon and set up the room.

 The sexton, Wais - pronounced Weiss - listened to my needs when he set it up. He's about 30 and from Afghanistan. He was an interpreter for the US military and was able to get to America  as their was a price on his head.

He now lives in Philly and is studying at Philadelphia Community College, taking English, which he really enjoys. He wants to write his story.

Meantime, earlier this morning I had brought in 'proofs' for the new Compass to Rene at Boggs Printing at the end of Hatboro.

I bought Flowers for sisters Chrissie and Valerie, plus our guest speaker Yvonne Kaye, and also for the Hodges and for Ada, for doing such a wonderful job as discussion leaders.

Chrissie and Valerie are from the Kind Foundation.  Valerie sat in with the Loved Ones' Group.

In our new Compass we have an article about their late mother who lived at the same assisted living facility as Ada's centenarian-plus mother.

In fact, I think I'll send her a postcard right now. Mailman Joe just came by.
We met with the Trustees before the meeting and chatted. One of our goals was to attract more people of color.

New Directions is unique b/c we have "loved ones" as part the entire group. It's a "must" as our illness affects the whole family.

After each meeting, I call The Hodges to discuss their group, and also talk to Ada about her "Depression" group. 

We mentioned to the Trustees the importance of a good psychiatrist and good therapist.

I keep The List, recommended by our members.
Yvonne Kaye holds the Red Tulips we gave her as a gift. Her wonderful talk included all the work she continues to do for addicts, for Compassionate Friends, which include survivors of all types, including murdered children, and her work for addicts at Livingrin Foundation in Bensalem, PA.

Yvonne, who has a PhD, is from London, where as a 5-yo child experienced the terror - which she still remembers - of German planes when they bombed London during World War Two.

She still "freezes" when she hears certain sounds, like the fire alarm that went off next door to the Upper Dublin Library.

On Tuesday morning I made several trips to Hatboro, going back and forth to Boggs Printing to review "proofs" of the Compass.

Rene, the graphic designer, told me we had more space in the Kaleidoscope section - our literary pages - so I told her I'd write a third poem.

Make it small, she said. I couldn't wait to write it, like a composer being commissioned to write, say, Sibelius Violin Concerto, which one of our members is actually learning now. I heard it performed at our Abington Prez Church on Sunday. Be sure to view the gorgeous Sanctuary.

I think I titled my poem  "The Red Carpet Awaits Me as I Drive Home." It was about all those little thing-ees that fall from trees in early spring and lie in the street.

I simply envisioned them as the red carpet guiding me home.

After my final proof of the Compass, I stopped at Buxmont Stationers and told Mark that Rene finished the final proof.

He said he doubted he'd have time to get any done, but he'd call me if he did. He closes at 5:30 pm.

Our meeting starts at 7:30 pm but I'd be there early to meet Valerie and Chrissie.

At 3:45 the phone rang.

"I have 50 ready for you," said Mark.

I was ecstatic.

Image result for mark amos

Here's hard-working Mark. He never disappoints!

Emailed all the Compass contributors asking how many copies they want and asking for their home address. 

Scuse me, I'll get to work on that now!

Professional shipping facility of The Compass.

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