Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello Donna Cartagena! She liked my Butternut Squash Onion Dish

My sister Donna was surprised to find me lying on my couch this morning. Spent the entire nite there, sleeping well. When I woke up in the morning the YouTube video was playing a bio of Vivien Leigh.

I always knew she had manic depression, but she only got it after her miscarriage. She was carrying Sir Laurence Olivier's child. She had one child by a previous marriage.

Image result for vivien leigh

Click here to watch the fascinating vid viewed by half a million people.

Donna's a great cook so I was pleased she liked my dish.

She also met Flushy The Magic Toilet for the first time. My poem and others I sent to Velvet Tale, I think that's the name, were all rejected.

That doesn't stop me of course. We discussed this at The Hatboro Dish Restaurant.

 Donna decides what to order.
Here's my forced smile.

Oh, look who's there! Tom. He meets his friend George at the Dish a couple times a week. We talked about the presidential race, the right to bear arms, the FEMA-buyout of condos from Woodwinds, where Donna used to live.

We drove past it before breakfast.

We also talked about our need for changes. That's why I was trying to get a Breakfast Club going with my friends. No one could go!

Good food with a couple of exceptions.

Terrible coffee... tasteless - I had two and a half cups.

The cheese on my huge omelet tasted from preservatives. Yuck! Taters were good. I injected 12 at the table and will walk off my breakfast outdoors in a bit.

Wanna post something on Craigslist. A laptop carrying case I found on the curb. Maybe I should try FB first.

Told Donna that if she'd slept over last nite, as planned, we'd have had Thin Mints for dessert.

They're still in my car. Some people can't be trusted.

And no birds sing.

The birds still haven't returned to the bird bath that Scott fixed with GOOP.

C'mon, my feathered friends. I misses ya!!!

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