Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tom and Shirley stop over - Dr Oz calling - Poem: The Night Fog

 Mailed four of these out this a m to encourage people from our group. It's a long postcard and I write a note on the other side.

Rain, rain, please continue to wash away the snow.

The music I'm listening to?

Valentina Lisitsa, formerly from Ukraine, but now residing in - where else - North Carolina. In my book club we're reading

Colorless Tsukur Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage book cover
Since the author Murakami owns a jazz club and is very much into music, I listened to Liszt's Totendanz. Valentina records it in a mall. 

Scott stopped by before work and asked me to drive him. He cuts thru my backyard which is full of mud and slush.

Is it foggy? I asked.

Not bad, he said.

Wrote a poem about the fog, which you can read at the end. Who's that jumping up n down with excitement?

Ezra Pound? Robert Frost?

Yesterday, was walking home from Scott's when I saw them.

Our next stop, said Tom, was Scott's house.

I ran out to the car to serve them my Chocolate Wafers.

Then I walked em to the top of Cowbell, saying The Grand Old Duke of York, he has 10,000 men, he marched em up to the top of the hill, and marched em down again.

They knew it of course... Shirl got a job taking c/o lil kids,,,, and how on earth I remembered this rhyme is worth running out to the car to.... won't do it.... stuff myself on Triscuits.... I don't buy the rye ones cuz they're better than the originals.... and I'd never stop eating em

Showed em my Shorday's bag. Charles Shorday.... we treat you like family, said the bag. The Manson Family?

Showed em my Eggplant Chick Pea Mushroom Casserole.  Mmmmm Good. Scott loved it.
The tin foil don't taste none too good.

Hey, it's only 9:30 pm and I'm gonna go upstairs and finish my novel now.

For my clarity of mind and to keep me awake, I chose Starbucks, given to me by sister Donna. It's bitter  but I don't care.

Also ate this Amy Mushroom Soup. Five Stars outa Five.

Here's the letter from The Duke of Oz

Hi there Ruth,

It was great to speak with you just now. I hope that this message find you well.

I am currently interviewing different people who suffer from any depression or bipolar disease and would be happy to share their story on our show next week.

We are currently working on a segment and may have guest star Maurice Benard from the hit show on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital join us as well.

His character was known as  "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr. If there is anyone that may be interested in this opportunity and is a fan of Maurice Bernard- this may be a treat to them.
Thanks in advance for your help and we continue to seek the right candidate for this opportunity.

All the best,

Silvana Marmolejos | Associate Producer | The Dr. Oz Show

I suggested young "Clara" an RN from our group who's working right now and also Donna, who has never felt better from having 6 ECT treatments.

Silvana chose not to get in touch.

Here's what I sent her about Donna.. it's taken straight from my blog....

Donna Krause from our Saturday Coffeeshop Writers' Group wrote this poem about Depression.


Blanket of fog
Following me now
Seeing it through
My weary eyes
Darkness pushing me
Taking over my being
Brain is sopping up
All this filthy matter
Shades of black

Peeking through the darkness
I gain an eyeful of strength
Power to fight
On the horizon
Hold my hand
I want to become whole
Shades of Gray

Feeling the power
Meeting my demons
Destroying each one
Clinging to reality
My hand can barely
Hang on
Shades of Blue

The sun is forming
A protective robe
Wearing it for all to behold
Pushing through the scum
Of depression
My new heart is bursting
With gladness

Shades of yellow
My faith restored! 


 Suddenly, ECT is all the rage.

Image result for funny pic of shock treatments


Silent as god
Menacing as a tiger
It beckons

My car passeth thru
this tunnel of clouds
All I see are my
hands on the wheel

The tunnel seems
long as I await the
end. Will a granite
slab smash my car
to bits at
the finish?

Good fortune wins
and the radio continues
to play the Listz

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