Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Last of the Girl Scout Cookies - Please vote for the 2016 Compass cover


Martin Luther King Jr declared Girl Scouts
a force for desegregation. Founder Juliette Gordon Low
in her khaki-colored ankle-length uniform wanted to give
girls the world over what she herself loved:
the sounds of birds winging by, forests with primeval
smells of earth and oak, making pine cone wreaths for
Christmas and a sense of "Self-reliance and resource-

Foe of bigots, she wanted girls of every race and color.
Put on your backpacks and hike with me up this mountain trail
Feel your leg muscles stretch like a mountain lion. When we
get to the top, we will build our tent and eat outdoors in
the open air. Food never tasted so good.... kosher hot dogs
and Bush baked beans.

Sipping on her hot chocolate Juliette Gordon Low
looks down from the mountain at what her dream has
wrought. Two million girls and a Latina CEO. Dipping
a Thin Mint in her hot cup she hums the names of
Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, Shortbreads, Samoas
and thanks the Lord - well, her dear friend,
Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of The Boy Scouts.

My dear, he says to her as they sat 'neath a chestnut
tree before the blight, Please pass the thin mints. And a
glass of cold milk, s'il vous plais.

 A little Epoxy Glue should seal up the tiny hole in the bird bath, said Tom Sanders,
He can live here rent-free.

I told the Writers Group today I got an email from Verizon saying they'll shut off my phone tomro, that is in 45 mins. I did pay my bill.

Be sure to read Terry Teachout's blog post about a new play that deals with racism.  He's the drama critic of The Wall Street Journal.

Which one of Carl's photos dyou like best for the Compass cover.

Sorry, the size is too large, but you can still figure it out. 

Below, a dwarf Columbine, thinks his wife Kathy

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  1. My friend Carolyn, who still meets monthly with her Girl Scout friends, has a copy of The first Girl Scout Handbook. Cover says: Handbook for Girl Scouts, price 30 cents. Tiny little paperback. How Girls Can Help their Country. Copyright 1917 bu Juliette Low.

    Bought it in an bookstore in Ocean City NJ, July 1964. It's pages are now yellowed and crinkly.