Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lunch at the Giant Cafe - Poem: A Day in Late February

Nearly finished the Compass last night. Went to bed at a decent time. My evening beverage?

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Martha, in our writing group, gave it to me as a b'day gift. The only thing I don't like is the packaging. Blue is a depressing color. Don't you think their marketing department should know dat?

Speaking of mark'g depts, had lunch today at the Giant Cafe.

I could NOT STAND being home one more minute.

How bout dat howling wind last nite? Hold on to the door of your car!

I'm eating a new product the Giant has just introduced.

A cheeseburger.

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Click here for Tyson's website headquartered in Arkansas. 

American's largest seller of meat, chicken and pork products.

Bet they don't tell what terrible things they have done.

In fact, after I paid for it, I did remember the name Tyson, but I HAD FAITH in my supermarket.

How do you spell  F O O L !

As I was eating, two women from our Giant meeting came down into the cafe.

So I didn't have lunch alone. I was dying to talk to someone other than saying hello to the folks who work there.

Janis and Eve joined me.

Janis loves her psychiatrist Kenneth Nelson. Sarah went to school with his violinist daughter Maureen Nelson who's a founding member of the Enso Quartet.

She just had a baby, whose pic Janis sees in Nelson's office.

Bet Maureen didn't eat Tyson Cheeseburgers while she was pregnant.

You know what I ate when I was pregnant? I had a fetish for Heartland Cereal, not available up north, but it's Granola with Texas fullfat milk, since Sarah was born in Brenham, TX.

What a healthy kid she turned out to be. Don't mess with Sarah, a former boxer, who's married to a piano player. She'll knock you out and Ethan will play Don't Mess with my Daughter.

Tuesday nite I went to the Upper Moreland Historical Association in the Township Building to hear a lecture about the impeachment hearings of the new president Andrew Johnson, who was the VP after Lincoln was assassinated.

He was an incorrigible drunk but was prosecuted on the grounds of treason. One vote freed him. He paid mightily to bribe the man.

As I sat there listening - it was quite interesting, tho I did wonder where my fave guy, Joe somebody, was. Haven't seen him in a long time. When I email him, he answers all my Local History Questions.

Sitting there, I was thinking about why I fell going up the steps to the building.

True, it was raining outside and the steps were wet.

The steps were also LARGER than those I'm used to.

The main reason I fell was Greed.

As in divorces, most of the grounds for divorce are sex, money, lack of communication.

My Greed was b/c I wanted to 'beat' the man I had just walked past and get into the room before he did.

You FOOOL You!

Fifth day of my indoor Forced Forsythia.

Nature has a wonderful mind of its own.

You MUST read "The Sixth Extinction."

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It's a sin what we're doing to our planet, which almost extinguished itself during the dinosaur era. I read it while riding on my bike.

Just talked to my fab friend Tree and we exchanged names of great books.
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My very cheerful windowsill.

And now, if you'll excuse me, gotta work on The Compass.

Everything I write is reviewed by someone.

Just got a good review for one of the most difficult sections: The Editor's Corner.


Today I make my debut
in Hatboro town, vanilla
ice cream mounds of snow
kept me away. I looked
out the window - cardinals
and blue jays and wrens - and

The radio heralded my long-
awaited appearance. Could've
been Beethoven's Eroica or
The Wedding March we heard last
night on Downton Abbey.

The proprietors came out to
greet me. Mark Amos and
faithful Bev from the
print shop, Danielle with
the long nails from the post
office. A man bowed and

held the door open
at the Wawa as I glided in,
gift card in hand. Knew what
brew I wanted, but tested
their Cuban Roast, shockingly
without taste

Filled my tall cup with
fragrant French Vanilla. Free
of charge - imagine!- Thanks
to a friend named Teresa.

Sipping it here at home on
the red couch, screen door
whirling in breaths of air
from birds and squirrels and
neighbors on this friendly
street, what more can I
want out of life.

Simply three things will do it.
Three Thin Mints.

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