Friday, February 19, 2016

Gimme a break OR what I do to relax

Last year's issue of The Compass.

Two nites ago I was on my computer a good 10 hours. Was so engrossed I forgot to stand up and stretch. When I awoke next morning - and I'm a good sleeper and napper - my back was aching. Left hip. It's lots better today, thanks for asking.

This morning I had breakfast at the non-bellicose TNT Diner in Hatboro, PA. Julie, the lovely young waitress, kept making mistakes. The major one was the wrong omelet for the couple at the table in front of me.

I was so embarrassed for her. I actually thought of BUYING the wrong omelet.

As soon as the woman sat down in front of me, I could smell her. Overly perfumed. My sister Donna would've gone thru the roof and insisted on changing seats. I did consider it but said to myself, Grow up Ruthie. The world wasn't made for you.

I think my dad used to tell me this.

At home before I left, I injected 12. It's very high - 194 - so I'll bike after blogging. Will read the same book I did at the diner.

Image result for the man from beijingAt last we did go to China and had some dreadful things happen there.

In the car I listen to an audio book of famous radio programs.

Paladin or Have Gun, Will Travel - is a well-acted radio play. John Dehner, b'ful voice, plays Paladin. What I never knew - and Dad, you will like this - is that the TV show went on first, followed by the radio show.

In the kitchen I listen to The Rest is Noise, by Adam Ross, music critic of the New Yorker.

Both Hitler and Stalin enjoyed music. Stalin loved to sing and had a pleasant voice. Early on, though, he had his own ideas about what music was in keeping with Soviet Russia. If the composer didn't comply, he was given a stern warning - or not - and was sometimes visited in the middle of the night, where he and his family were threatened, or he was taken away and possibly never seen again.

Hitler was positively deferential to composers he liked. Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner. Strauss, however, became 'suspect' to Hitler and was forced to grovel and write letters of apology about his music. Not so, Wagner, a good Jew-hater.

One composer he liked was married to a Jew. When Hitler met the two of them, he kissed the hand of the Jewess.

Mentioned in the audio book was an antisemitic propaganda film called The Eternal Jew. I listed it on FB, but no one commented on it.

Fellow Jews should be aware of these things. I found a dubbed version which you can view here. It's about Polish Jews, which in Hitler's estimation, were the lowest as he also hated Poles.

Hitler loved the music of Bruckner. He esp. liked the finale of the Seventh Symphony, which made him get tears in his eyes.

Music made him 'tear up.' The finale of the Bruckner exemplified the greatness of the Third Reich.

Image result for thin mints    Later today I will eat the last of my Thin Mints and write a poem about it.

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