Monday, January 4, 2016

Look what I got today in the Mail - Poem: Marcia

My friend Marcy knew I'm gonna take a class in Polymer Clay, so she mailed me two huge heavy boxes of Everything You Need to Know about this Clay. And other artist's equipment.

A million thanks to Marcy!!!

I was on the phone just now with our mutual friend Helene Ryesky, who said a really funny thing to me, Ruth, at last I know I'm a writer.

If interested, read this essay by Jordan Blum who has 'an imposter complex.'

When I first became a psychotherapist, I definitely felt like an imposter.

Jordan published my poem today on Bookends Review called "In Memory of Julie Though She's Still Alive."

My self-esteem soared when he said he only publishes 10 percent of the poetry he receives.


Lovely lady
we met in another lifetime
What a house they had on
Susan Road
See me sitting now on
the front porch
they don't know I'm there
Quick, I run around back
to the vegetable garden.
Praise the emerald earth and
all its bounty.

Fate drifted in like
black smoke. Took it
all away but Marce
and her aged mom rallied
to Los Angeles they fled.

Lemons and oranges grow
outside their bungalow
a gift to rouse their
spirits, to show
appreciation of their
tenure here on earth.

These tall gentle people
whose lives have touched
hundreds, including mine.
Marcie, my most gracious
friend, you'll be happy to
know, Steve Forbert is playing
soon in Philadelphia. He
carries around inside
all the people who
swayed and sang
to his music. You
are well-loved.

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