Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mom's doing well

Nicole's leftover stew was quite delicious. I shot up lotsa insulin b/c of the taters, but my sugar is normal now.

Hmmm, wonder what I could eat to make it go up?

Popcorn? Takes too long. I'll make the usual Trail Mix. Scuse me a sec.

Made a phone call while gone. "Stella" who lives at Ann's Choice but is now at Abington hospital has terrible physical problems and told Dr Gill she had all her organs removed.

Another day she told the doctor she was dead.

A little bit of Risperdal will do ya!

 After I checked the PO box in Hatboro, this gentleman said he liked my sweater. He was waiting for the bus and smoking a cig. We got to talking. The first rule of doing an intake with someone - I was an Intake Specialist at the now defunct Bristol-Bensalem Human Services - is ask a Q about what is right in front of you.

"Peter's" hands were shaking. Am using a pseudonym since he told me they shook from taking meds.

Oh, psychiatric meds, I said. And told him I used to have bipolar disorder.

He has schizoaffective d/o. He lives in Moreland Towers. He knows Allan and Winnie both. His GF died a couple of months ago. She was 20 yrs older than he was.

I said It doesn't matter as long as you love each other.

After all, my BF is 13 yrs younger than me.

He works at a bowling alley.

Good for you! I said.

Then I did something impulsive. New Directions has just gotten a couple of huge donations. So I reached into my red wallet - Gee, I wish I had a twenty, I said - and gave him two fives.

It really embarrassed him. Made me feel silly for giving it to him. Social Security Disability Income is barely enough to live on.

 Here's Mom, hanging out in the downstairs family room.
Lynn took good c/o her.

Coincidentally her physical therapist Laurie was scheduled to come out today. She helped Mom walk. Mom's on pain pills as her pain is intense.

Her fall resulted in no broken bones, just contusions and abrasions. I'm not gonna bother looking em up as I'll never remember em.

Ellen and I ordered takeout from Fresh Ginger in the Justa Farm Shopping Center. We drove in and while Ellen was inside picking up our order I took this photo

Later on the rain was coming down in torrents. Took me three times as long as normal to get home from Mom's. Ada had called me and said the same thing. She and Rich were coming home from her Mom's.

Fried tofu.


Was just at the library and told Linda that on the PBS Evening News, Jeffery Brown asked two authors at the famous Politics and Prose Book Store to recommend their three best books of the year.

Image for the news result

Read about em here.

Like me, Linda reads and listens to several books at once.

Ah, Booklovers! Ah, Bartleby. Ah, Humanity. 

My current books are

Image result for spectator bird 
Stegner's descriptions of characters, their little movements, how they look when they think or are staring in space are matchless.

Image result for emerald girl gold boy  We're reading these short stories for our book club.

AMY, surely you've got a book group at your Ashland OR Library?

What are they reading? See you for my 70th BD party.

Image result for the green ripper by john d. macdonald  Lastly, I'm reading The Green Ripper. The late John D MacDonald always has a color in his title. 

Which book should I start reading now?

Roll of the dice.......

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