Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fare thee well, David Simpson - For sale! - New pink digital camera by NIKON

Just learned on FB, that David Simpson has succumbed to ALS. He died yesterday. His friends and family thanked all of us for our prayers. Here's a blog post - and poem - I wrote about him in Feb of this year.

 David's twin brother Dan Simpson wrote a blog post about his beloved brother

 I spent about an hour on Craigslist attempting to sell some items, including this 1947 Fortune magazine, with a photo inside of a new Packard automobile.

Here's my Xmas house.

Scott put up the lit-up candy canes.

It was Scott who inspired me to put up decorations. We're both Jewish but consider Xmas a national holiday. We keep the "Christ" out of Christmas, but Brother Thomas O'Riley - now, just plain Tommy - in my novel feels differently.

I'm working on Chapter Fourteen. Hard to motivate myself but I just sit myself down and use a few cups of decaf as a placebo.

Pal really wants to go for a walk today but it's been raining all day long.

For years I've been trying to sell this art book. My cuz Mark Greenwold had a show at D C Moore Gallery in NYC and I'm asking all of $25 for the book. 

He's very talented.

Damn! Just got an email from NY Times.... mass shooting reported in San Bernardino, CA. I refuse to read it.

These are two more items I'm trying to sell. Both for $25 apiece. A guy named Robert wanted to pay $15 for the screen but I told him no. So I sold it to someone on FB, who won't have a vehicle until 2 pm.

It's 3:23 now.

And the awful vacuum by Electrolux!

 Mmmm Mmmm good! Soup with parsnips, northern beans, spinach, mush, seasoned only with one cinnamon stick.
 Am listening to this audio book in the kitchen written by David Remnick,editor of the New Yorker Magazine. He's very thorough and is telling us about the history of leaders in Africa.

Gonna put a note on the door in case the buyer comes for the screen. Gotta high-tail it to the library for the movie Phoenix.

Scott and I will nap to it later today. It was the wrong film. From the first frame, it was terrible and got worser and worser. I switched to the Channel 12 News, which featured an expose on how leaders of Nigeria and other African nations embezzle money from the people.

Forgot to mention I bought a new digital camera at Larmon Photo in Abington. How dyou like the pictures? 

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