Monday, December 14, 2015

Cruising to see the Xmas Lights - Scott's BD

 We took Scott's car so I could poke out the window with my camera. The photos are fairly bad.
 The famous Valenza House on Terwood Road.
Music played at the house and adults and kids were out of their cars circling the display.

The snowman has 'googly' eyes. They go round and round and round. Wish I could show my grandkids, Grace, 5, and Max, 2.

Hmmm. Dyou think I'm too old to adopt?

Don't tell anyone, but I'd house a properly vetted immigrant. I guess we're calling them refugees. After all, I did have Yuan Li, Chinese exchange student, a few years ago.

Neighbors of the Valenzas also have spectacular decorations so it's a real festival of lights as you drive by.

Chanukah is known as "the festival of lights." I wanna go to Produce Junction in Hatboro to buy some Chanukah lights for both me and Scott.

On Edge Hill Road, a few blocks down from Overlook, are new lights on a par with the Valenzas. They span several blocks. Carol from the library has a friend who lives across the street, so she simply parked there and gazed in wonder.

I'll tell you. If the Chinese invented fireworks, Americans have excelled - though not invented - Christmas lights.

Twas impossible from the road to get a good view of em.

 Here's Scott's Santa Claus collection from outside his window.

His parents also collect Xmas decorations, altho, of course, they're Jewish.

As I've said before, I consider Christmas a national holiday.
 Here are the lights in Scott's living room. Also view his movie posters and paintings he buys at Ocean City NJ.

We napped together this afternoon and watched "Room at the Top" with Laurence Harvey, Simone Signoret, and Heather Sears on YouTube, commercial-free.

Did you like it, asked Scott. Both of us slept thru huge chunks.

I did, I said. It was difficult to watch, tho, as Laurence Harvey played an egotistical 'heel' who was responsible for the death of the great love of his life, while marrying a woman he didn't love whom he impregnated as he fought to get to the Room at the Top.
Happy birthday Scott. His parents took us to Angelo's in Southampton for a great meal.

Have you made your To-Do List?

Tonight I've gotta work on Chapter 16 of my novel, write a poem for a married couple, and start a grant.

I come alive after dark, after procrastinating on Netflix.

Last nite I watched House, MD, shuddering at the rude antics of the so-called genius MD.

Image result for house md

Learned House is played by an award-winning actor from Britain.

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