Monday, November 2, 2015

Walter....Where art thou?

For my book "Awesome Elders" I wanted to talk to Walter Straus. Drove over to The Regency Apartments and to my shock, he had moved out!

Walt eating some of his healthy food.

Here's a blog post about him.

He'd certainly approve of the thick thoup simmering on my stove right now.

Black bean pumpkin soup.

I park in the back of Regency Towers.

Regency Towers- Apartment Rental Willow Grove - The Galman Group

 Nice new signs!

There are two bldgs - The Chateau and The Manor.

Not only is he NOT in either building, no one knows where he's gone.

Donald, orig'ly from St Vincent, was shocked, as was I.
He said he'd call me if he found out where Walter was. He knew his entire story. What a story it is, which is why I wanted to write it up for my book Awesome Elders. I'll dedicate it to the memory of Stephen Weinstein, whose photo you'll see.

For nine years, Paulene worked for the Michener Family in Doylestown. I told her I'd remember her name - not Paula nor Paulette - b/c the great writer, Ernest Hemingway, was married to a Pauline. He greatly regretted divorcing her.

Went into the office and asked Mary, in the room beyond, if she'd let Walter know I was looking for him.

What a great loss this is for me. I don't think Walt cares anymore. He gave up on life when he hooked up with Amy and her husband.

Met Benita and her friendly dog, Felony.

Pretty name, I said. Luckily she doesn't know what it means. She named her this after she, the dog, chewed on the fringes of her Persian carpet.

Benita moved in last winter. She's been to a few other places. She'll see how she likes it here. She's my age. Her husband didn't want to be married anymore.

I was trying to coax a story out of her so I could write it up like I did in "Jack."

This one I might call "Felony."

My pumpkin soup is made from canned veggies. Me no care. 

 It's bubbling away and tastes great.

 This dental office is housed in a beautiful bldg. Snapped it while on my way to the libe to check out audio books. Am listening in the kitchen to Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses.

I had to return the dog book cuz it skipped.
For Walter I picked this stalk of Fothergilla growing right outside my front door. Its leaves changed a lovely pinkish-red.

When going to my car I found a lovely piece of bark with lichen growing on it - it's on the bottom - click to enlarge - plus this brown pod, which I certainly hope is not from

Image result for invasion of the body snatchers 1956

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