Sunday, November 22, 2015

Howdy Paul, Elizabeth, Catherine, Atticus and Zali!!! Poem: I think I'll Take a Nap

 While playing a card game, we decided to call each other by our middle names.

Grace explained that her mom's middle name Elizabeth was named after her grandmother.

I said Zali was also the name of my great-grandmother.

And Dan's middle name "Paul" was named after a white van in Dr Cassidy's driveway - Martin Paul Interiors - or something like that - I knew I wanted Dan but needed a euphonious middle name to go with it.
 Hello Nudge.
Nicole made delicious turkey meat loaf in this silicone bakeware. Feels like rubber.

What'll they think of next?

 I put the meat loaf over a wad of mashed potatoes. Love em! Very high in carbs, but I injected 12. Let's take a look and see how I'm doing.

Otherwise, I'll go for a swim in Bill Adams pool next door. Oh, I forgot it's November already.

 Not to panic. Sugar is 118. Normal is between 80 and 120. I drank half a glass of delicious apple cider. Grace had never tasted it and didn't want any.

Brought a salad from home. Grace ate only the strawberries and blueberries.

After bath time, I sat next to Max on the couch.

I have two freckles, he said, pointing to - a freckle - on his arm. He couldn't find the second one. Then we found freckles on his mom's back.

For dessert she had a milk shake with Breyer's Frozen Dessert. We wondered why they weren't allowed to call it ice cream.

YOU figure it out. Do a simple Goggle search.
I attended a Job Fair the other day. Highlights were:  Five shopping bags including Home Depot. Pens Pens Pens. And Asplundh tiny mementos.

The Orange Hazard Cone, and the orange Hard Hat, and an Asplundh cherry picker truck above.

Was so excited to show em to Max. He showed the truck to this mom and said The ladder goes up. Not on this truck it doesn't. I told Grace to watch for the the orange Asplundh trucks when she goes to school tomro.

I take the bus, she said.

There's only about 6 kids on the bus, she said. 

For Grace I brought some Peanuts stickers from the library - she loved em - and a long turkey feather from Pennypack Trust.

 Grace likes pens, I was glad to hear. She wrote a Love Poem with the new pen at the kitchen table. Nicole said to Grace, I'm happy to see you writing full sentences. Mom would spell the words for her.

Max brings home HUGE LETTERS of the alphabet - he's 2.5. They hang high on the wall. He knows them all and on Monday, he'll make an "I"
Dan always wears interesting T-shirts. This said something like "Pitfall" on the front. All the cool people probly know what this means.
Ooops. Almost didn't see Max in his camouflage pants.

I also brought them one of those flimsy model airplanes made, if I'm correct, with balsa wood. I predict, I said to Dan, it'll break within 20 minutes.

Wrong. Make that 25. For some reason, Max twisted off one of the wings. He was very upset afterward. Guess the temptation to break it - and hear it crunch - was too hard to resist.

Am gonna write a spontaneous poem right now. First though I'll see what's going on in the world. Hold your breath while I check the Times for all the terrible news that's fit to print.

Interesting stories! Sent one about Lee Child, author of Jack Reacher novels, to Scott. The author is being shadowed by one of his readers.

The Times now features articles by its advertisers. They are so smart! Aetna wrote about sleep derivation. I think I'll write a poem about sleep.


Her rare gift allows Morpheus to cuddle beside her
and breathe to her breath.

Did you mark her today, lying on red couch, book in

Suddenly book drops on chest, feet dance in sneakered

Morpheus closes her eyes. The world goes black as
Technicolor dreams perform on the stage of her mind.

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