Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Windows! Who do you trust?

I saw this solicitor across the street. Grrr! Then he came around to my house. I had just washed my glass windows to replace the screens in the side door.

They are really heavy!

I asked John to put them in, which, he did.

Told him I'd write a poem about him at the end of my blog, which he looked up on his cracked smart phone. He did have a card from our Township saying it was Okay.

Different laws apply to the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Outside my left kitchen window was a preying mantis. I spose she lay eggs on my holly bush. Let's do a quick-check on this. Me, spelling champ at Mercer Elementary School, misspelled the mantis. Should be "praying."

Finished the last of my goat stew... I mean veggie soup with goat cheese. Excellent!

Image result for james foxhall md

Had a 9:20 am appointment with Dr Foxhall... James Scott. Wrote a brief review of him and the practice on FB.

He said I'm doing great. He's very positive and smiles a lot, which makes you feel great. He tested my feet bc I have diabetes. I closed my eyes while he poked them with an electric cattle prod.

Just finished this exciting crime fiction They Disappeared by Rick Mofina.

With the volume turned up high, I listened downstairs while lying in bed. Natch I fell asleep for a few seconds and at one point, I said, "Scott, you're driving too fast!"

Told this to Scott when he stopped by.

The doctor and I were discussing one of my fave topics: diabetes. He's impressed that I take such good c/o myself. Many of his patients do not.

Complications are horrific!

BTW, just got an email from my eye doc Eric George. I'm a very low risk for glaucoma, thank goodness. I probly have already published my poem "Seven Minutes of Hell" about getting the vision field test.

Foxhall never had one but his wife did, so he knew what I was talking about when I mentioned it. Their kids are now 7 and 4.5.

When I left his office, I decided to walk around the complex as I didn't have time to walk this morning. I did do a few minutes of exercises from MIRANDA, who is three years younger than me. (1949).

Okay, wait here just a minute. Am gonna decorate my front door, which I thoroughly washed this morning.


I'll add more later.


Good-natured John Hartley
sets out from Jersey
well-coiffed and cologned
to try his hand at sales.
No Willy Loman his
eyes shine in the warm
October sun
loping down our
street of many houses
a regular a fisherman on
the Jersey shore
hoping to get a bite.

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