Friday, October 16, 2015

Walking Across the Hudson River Bridge

 Give those shoulders a good shake, Ruthie. I've been sitting here for hours. I told Peggy Agnew it would take me a good three hours to blog.

Approaching the walkway to the elevator to get atop the bridge. Many folks said they had a fear of heights, as do I, so they preferred to wait 90 minutes till we finished our walk.

Peggy said she walked along the river.

It does look scary but was not in the least. The railing was nice and high.

Nice ironwork.

 We approach the elevator, which I always call "alleviator."
 What dyou think, Zella? Are you gonna go for it?

Yes, Zali, she said.
 Our guide took us up on the very noisy elevator. My dad was claustrophobic and couldn't go on elevators. He used to walk up 16 flights of stairs when he worked at an apparel company in NYC.

 Someone complimented my sneakers. 'I painted them,' I said.
 Looking out over the fast-moving elevator.
 Reminded me of Le Tour Eiffel.
Five miles wide.

 The dog enjoys going across, said its owner, but only when it's not hot.
There was lots of commentary.

Someone said to us, You'll walk one way and turn around, so pace yourself.

I'm guessing I walked about three miles.

 Merganser duck
I wanted to watch something fall, so I dropped a teeny tiny toothpick into the water. It vanished immediately.

 This indistinguishable photo shows various technical aspects of the water. My niece Jade would understand this as she goes all over testing water.

Dedication of this bridge in a former incarnation.

 I'll go down to the orange cones and turn around, says I.
 Eleanor Roosevelt is dedicating this bridge. She was so happy to meet for the first time Ruth Z Deming, below. I had just swallowed the "Eat Me" pill given to me by Alice in Wonderland so look how tall I grew!
Dig the shadows. Why would anyone wanna take a pic of the Park Ranger?

 Children's museum

Choo choo!!!

 Back on the bus. This woman had the most gorgeous white hair. She was on the last trip as well.
Wanted to catch the price of Citgo Gas.

Peggy recommended another travel company, Collette.
Image result for the aviators wife         Finished this book on the bus. Have only two pages left of the author's notes.

A good companion book would be Philip Roth's

Image result for philip roth lindbergh  This book is about the election of Charles Lindbergh to the presidency. Antisemtism spreads under Lindbergh like a contagion.

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