Monday, October 12, 2015

Short story JACK is published - Diabetes Improvements - Poem: No Mail Today, Columbus Day

Click here to read Jack, published in Literary Yard.

That was one of the easiest stories to write. Got the idea when I attended a church social around the corner at The Willow Grove Bible Church.

Sat and talked to a fellow named Rich.

Tell me a true story, Rich, I said, while a band was playing really good music. I felt bad but I just had to find a story to write for my Writers' Group the next day.

My son Dan and his family were robbed about two months ago. "Robbed" means someone entered the house when the family was home.

The man was just apprehended, as we say in the trade. What trade is that? Trade winds? Anyway, read about it here.  

You won't believe how many people leave their door open or leave valuables outside. 

The dude is 37 and is on FB. 

I was unusually tired today, but it was the last day of Scott's weekend - Monday - and we wanted to go bike-riding on The Pennypack Trail.

"Lemme take a brief nap," I said.

Fifteen minutes later, I was ready!

He loaded the car and we went on a six-mile bike ride.

Image result for two bike ridersExcept we wear helmets.

I've gotten really good at not wobbling into oncoming people and don't get nervous anymore.

The only thing I haven't quite mastered is getting off the bike. I put on both brakes, cruise to a stop, but it's hard dismounting.

After our two successful back-to-back programs at the Giant, I saw Mary Ann Moylen, nutritionist, was in her office with an intern, Carrie.

We had a brief consult.

I told her I get 'lows' every single day. Many times.

She'd taught me about adding starches to every meal, but now I started to do it.

Image result for triscuit originals

For breakfast, I added four Triscuits to my usual Egg Combo.

Here's my readings

Just about perfect!

Tonite I'm gonna finish NOTES FROM A NAZI ASSASSIN. It's pretty good, so far. Hans Utrecht, only 22, is gonna fight in his first battle: invading Poland.

I checked with Scott, an amateur war historian, who told me which battle to pick.

I like sipping on Iris' Hazelnut Creme Decaf, which does not keep me awake.

Just realized why I was so tired. Watched many great shows on my laptop, including one from C-Span about a Missouri state senator getting a year's sentence in prison for fraud - mishandling campaign funds. His new book is called Mr Smith Goes to Prison.

If you wanna watch, click here.  

Was also on YouTube for a couple hrs watching the late Chris Hitchens debate about Princess Di and also why Islam is a fake religion. What great points he made. 

I called Mary Ann earlier today to thank her for telling me about adding carbs - in the form of starches - to my meals. I asked her if I could snack on popcorn with cheese and she said Yes.

This is pairing a starch with a high protein food.

Natch I overdosed on this snack, but my sugar stayed in check.

Now tis the next day. Finished the Nazi story. The ending was too sad. I went outside and stared up at the stars. That's how I'll end it. Meteors. Redid the ending. Sent it to Scott for review. And Marf and Marce.

Scott wrote back this morning, "Great story. The Germans did not have Jeeps."

On YouTube I listened to "battle sounds."

Am gonna write a spontaneous poem right now:


The world is out of kilter
something's dreadfully wrong
the mail trucks are stilled
rubber tires in a state of
non-revolve, though
aching to go
it's Columbus Day

Columbus himself
ached to leave the
Spanish harbor
his three wooden ships
at the ready, sailors
downing port lingered
near the sea, while Queen
Isabella decided when to
play her trump card.

Trouble began as the
sea pummeled the
ships. They stopped for
repairs, then regained
the open seas, with only
sea creatures for com-
panions, Look! a huge
tuna! Twas really a

In the infancy of ex-
ploration, Columbus
quibbled for payment
due him the enormity
of his task. On his
deathbed, a few years
over fifty, he knew his
name would sail down
through the centuries
as he remembered roasting
a small delicate bird
for the evening repast
while the cool breeze
stirred his long dark
hair, Beatriz loved
to touch.

Image result for columbus death of

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