Monday, October 26, 2015

I Forgot to Buy Fruit!

Sun, Nov 1, 2:00 AM... so that's next Saturday night.

I made a pledge to Barry Bush.

I'd help him get a new kidney, I said, b/c, like mine, his were destroyed by lithium.

This afternoon I wrote letters to three churches and will mail them tomro.  I'll keep sending letters to churches.

My letters begin:  We're looking for a Good Samaritan. 

My friend Freda gave me a popcorn popper she didn't want.

Scott showed me how to use it. Since it doesn't pop ALL the kernels at once, I simply send them back down the hopper.

Since popcorn is a starch, I add protein to it - peanuts - and then I have a 'complete meal' or snack.

Front door thru which I passed to go shopping at the Giant this evening.

I could go no further when I saw this tree.

Grabbed my camera, took a photo, put the cam in pocket and off I went to the Giant.

In the early days of my manic-depression, I remember looking out my window and thinking that this very same tree looked like a little girl, probably me.

There's a word for that.... my then-psychiatrist Alex Glijansky taught it to me... an illusion.

Scott n I walked The Pennypack today. He had to buy 4 bags of bird seed and I bought a $100 cash-for-causes card to shop at The Giant.

While at the park I found this huge feather.

What kind of feather is it?

Circle one:

Hawk - Vulture - Turkey OR dodo-bird.

You can see my feather jar in a lovely container from a French exchange student who stayed with us when Sarah was in high school.

Here's my new Bissell Sweeper as my other one dropped dead.

Of all the household tasks, which one do you hate doing the most?

For me, it's vacuuming. Why? B/c I have to move everything off the floor.

Just got an email that should put things in perspective about our lives: Philadelphia is the poorest big city in America.

Is that you, Janice, I say?

And yes it was, in the Bin Aisle at the Giant.

We had a lovely talk. She showed me what she bought. This is also a line from a Hollies song.

She had some beautiful Comice Pears that I said I would buy in the Produce Dept. Outside her house they have a whole tree full but ate em all.

Image result for comice pear

And what did I do?  Forgot to go down the Produce Aisle.

Image result for tearing hair out

In answer to my question, here's what ABC writes:

Halloween is no longer just about costumes and candy.
It's now the second-biggest decorating holiday of the year -- right behind Christmas.

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