Friday, October 9, 2015

Guess who's sleeping at my house? Photo of Tyvek house on my street - What shall I name Rover?

Guess who's sleeping in MY bed


We were at Mom's earlier and it was too late for her to swim across the Delaware River to go home to Clarksboro, NJ.

She's lived there 6 months, moving in around her b'day in April.

 Parked in the street at Mom's and saw THREE ant hills on the tree lawn

 This was my second trip to Mom's. Earlier, Lynn, Jade and Matt were there.
My sugar was low, 46. Donna joked that I was almost dead. Hmm. Maybe I am!

So I finished off some popcorn and a smoothie Ellen had made earlier.

I love having people take c/o of me, I said.

Donna said the same thing.

Have you seen my new blog AWESOME ELDERS? Click here.

Altho it's 10:37 pm now, it feels much later.... 2 am!

I've got a lotta work to do after I finish blogging, including working on a short story called ASSASSIN OF THE THIRD REICH.

The main character is Hans Ulricht. I goggled the name and it basically doesn't exist.

 Jade and Matt!

Hey! I've successfully retrieved the photos from my new-used  i Phone, given to me by my son, Daniel Paul Deming, who turned THIRTY-NINE today, October 9.

Here's what I wrote him on FB:

Look at all you've accomplished in your 39 yrs, my blue-eyed boy! Raised w/o a father, by a bipolar mom back then, you've got everything a man desires, a good job, a fantastic family, and a sweet and loving heart. I'm so proud of you, Daniel Paul Deming! Love, Mom

And, in a weepy voice, I say, "No one liked it!" 

 Sensational pants.

 Deep concentration
They all told me the iPhone takes great pix.

 We had a nice meal. Mom opened up a jar of sauerkraut, telling us it's a food that makes you happy. Mom is a food guru and knows all the latest food news before its deemed inaccurate.

Calcium tablets, she pronounced, are now considered bad for you.
Jade is such a Greenwold-looking young woman.

She loves her new job, headquartered in Flemington, NJ. 

Rescued this lab retriever from a terrible fate. He was on the curb on Morgan Mill Street, paralyzed with fear, waiting for the garbage truck to pick him up in the morning.

He and Richard Parker get along quite well.  A cat and a canine. Grrrr!

 On Greyhorse Road they cut down a mighty tree.
On my street, here's another Tyvek House.


As I walk beneath the stars,
my evening romp around the block,
my eyes alight on a Tyvek House,
the blue wrapping, like a Christmas
ribbon, seems a fabulous gift
for the family who lives there.

The Tilghman boys do the
work by day. I hear their
hammering, and the hiss of the
dump truck as it deposits
rocks onto the sidewalk with
a steady staccato.

The house calls to the peekaboo moon:
I am here, evolving every
day, like the newborn I
once was. 

This morning I was early when I picked up Scott at the train station.

Went into the office and told John Star I was gonna get some paper towels to swab down my dashboard.

He gave me

Image result for windexWhile bloggin, I'm eating

This is Movie Theatre Popcorn. Lincoln gets shot at Ford Theatre in DC, the nation is in an uproar, the course of history is changed when the VP, Andrew Jackson, becomes president and sets back the plans to unite the nation.

And, look how we laugh at the popcorn package and think how clever it is. That's the healing power of time.

Let's give Ruthie a standing ovulation for figuring out how to download the photos on her iPhone.

The phone, on its side, is all gussied up, with pink nail polish b/c it's dark and hard to find.

Hard to believe, but there were massive flash floods around 6 pm today.

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