Saturday, October 24, 2015

Full House at Writers Group

 I read Floyd's two-page true story "Engineer" out loud to the group.

Very good!

He said, it was a good thing he kept a diary during the many years he worked at the water treatment plant. He wanted to show us what a civil engineer does. A bulwark of civilization.

Next to Floyd is Bob, Donna Krause's brother. He wrote a true story titled "Despair." His best friend moved to Ohio at the behest of his family.

We all have choices.... we can listen to what our families want or we can ignore them.

Apparently Alz Disease runs in the family, so the Ohio kin wants their relative there so they can take c/o him. Bob speaks to him every day.

The story was very well-done.
Steve Marino wrote about his best friend.... God and Jesus.

Martha, you look great in black. I'll enlarge the photo so I can see the front of your shirt. From here, on my red couch, listening to the jazz station, it looks like human anatomy.

Martha is also writing a novel for November is Novel-Writing Month. I don't know how Marf finds the time to read books, compose, and work as a substitute child-care worker. In fact, she read a brief poem she composed in the car before she got to work.

"Sans Coat" was about the common dilemma - do I need a coat? Last line reads "putting it away in my trunk with the pants, blouses, shorts, ripped underpants, ready for the next lapse of judgment."

Her novel is called "Naammen, Chosen by the King." Naamen is a biblical character, one of King Solomon's concubines, and practically nothing is known about her, so Marf can make it all up!

As with her long pieces, she knows exactly what's gonna happen and has wrin more than one chapter which she presented today. We all loved it.

Main man, from Russia, is called Sergei. Here's how to pronounce it.

Like the victorious baseball team The Mets, she's off to a great start.

We loved the title of Linda's story:  Finding Larry.  Larry hasn't make an appearance yet. It takes place in Abington, PA

If you click the above link you can take a tour of the township from the bottom line. Takes a while to upload but you can bet I'm gonna do it!

In her first chapter, she discussed Daddy's friends, who, from the point of view of the dog Queenie, smoked weed and did drugs.

Donna wasn't feeling so hot but she came anyway to encourage her brother and also to offer her comments.

Same with Beatriz, who sped out to her car, in the Giant's wheelchair.

Leave it to my camera... the photo of Rem didn't show up, but luckily I'd taken him before.

What a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous poem he wrote.

"His City" was about Vegas. "He watched his city grow during the boom years/every year in the 90s/a new kitschy-themed casino.

He had a great line about new developments unfinished, rearing their heads like unfinished skeletons. Wish I could remember those great lines.

He and his late wife Valerie drove there many a time. "After she died, he could never go back/ Too many ghosts.

Very effective writing in the third person. 

Read about the former mayor of Vegas, Oscar Goodman, who Rem referenced as an attorney who defended gangstas.

Last night I went to the Willow Grove Bible Church Social where Kim Ruby used an expression - Jesus spoke to her - that I used in my short story "Kafka's Other Woman."

I don't particularly like the title. It's about one-third finished.

Worked on it this morning. I get so anxious when writing it, I keep checking my emails while writing. Will work on it over the weekend. But now am going to Scott's. We watched a terrific film "Far From the Madding Crowd" and wanna continue with the special features.

After I read my short story, Marf said I must read The Road to Wellville.

Image result for the road to wellville book  Holy cow! It's by one of my fave authors.... T C Boyle!

C'est moi.

Visited Mom. She's drinking hot water, like Dad used to do, to hydrate herself. Doctor's orders. She fed me

Beet borscht, made by Kamelia, little David's mom. Mom called me earlier to say Tyler, David's dad, called to say David is walking. He's not a year yet.

Mom and I took a walk up n down her long driveway. She used her walker and was very good with it.

Image result for old lady and walker

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