Friday, October 23, 2015

Coffeegrounds - New poem: Dazzle no more

Image result for coffee grounds willow grove bible church  I always have a fun time at the Willow Grove Bible Church's coffee house.

Took a while, tho, till I got into some good conversations. Was hoping to find Rich there. I'd met him last month and wanted to tell him the story he told me was published online as "Jack."  Vastly disguised.

Every time I get in my car, I listen to the audio book for The Trial by Franz Kafka. It's an infuriating story about an uncaring government who arrest Josef K for crimes unknown.

He's a simple bank clerk and has done nothing wrong, though in his panic, he imagines all sorts of things he may have done to deserve arrest.


My goal for tonite is to write a short story called "Kafka's Other Woman." I'll call up Scott, who gets up in the middle of the night, and tell him to read it. I'll send him an email.

Here's some regular coffee I brot home. A Camden school nurse named Julie  told me she had some delicious pumpkin spice latte in the form of a tea bag, so you can see the tea bag poking out.

Pretty awful!

  Drove Rosemary to her hair appt - here she is paying. I walked over to the Dunkin Donuts and sat outside, roasting, under an umbrella, while I read "M Train" by Patti Smith, the songwriter/performer, who has a real way with words.

I'll listen to her recent PBS interview later.

Am anxious to go upstairs and work on Kafka's Other Woman. (Too tired.)

I always learn a lot from driving Rosemary. She told me there was worldwide persecution for Christians. Folks around the world are being jailed and tortured. See this website

Here's Anthony "Tony" Dean who I met at the Coffeegrounds earlier tonight.

A wonderful photographer! He's a mailman whose route is Warminster. Also met his wife Janie and their handsome young son, who was playing with some sort of device.

A couple of friends came out to support Tony. It's amazing how Kim Ruby finds all these artists.

Check out Tony's website. Scroll down to see his photos. Don't we LOVE pictures, tho?

I have two 'alters' in my living room. One is the front windowsill, thother is this one in the dining room.

At the Coffeeshop I only had one thing to eat.... it was a cracker like this.

Scott and I went on two walks today. I found this huge oak leaf and knew I'd write a poem about it.


Thousands of us swung, dangled
and amazed those who knew
to pause and drown their thoughts in the
largesse of our leaves
wagging green in springtime
then, like a woman changing the
color of her hair, we bled red,
orange, and then
we fell.

We knew it was coming
oh, well, once a shimmering beauty
I lie helpless now on the side of
the road, never to dazzle
the watcher of the trees.

Paralyzed, I lie in wait
for a car to run me over
a cat to pounce on me
or a playful chipmunk
to have his way with me

Ah, life. Over quicker
than the flash flood
heading downstream.