Monday, September 14, 2015

Tred Well O Mighty Comet is published - I write Guest Column for Intell

One of my favorite short stories - Tred Well O Mighty Comet - has finally appeared in print.

Yay! Hallelujah!

It's on the Blue Bonnet Review of Texas. Read it here. 

Okay, so they put in an extra M in Demmmmming.

I did live in Texas when I was married. Sarah was born in Brenham, TX. I could not wait to get the hell outa there. 

  One of the heroes of the story is named David and is loosely based on my brother David Richard Greenwold, shown here with his camera. He was the family photographer.

Another character was based on the late Luther T Sanders, who just died on Sept 8... today is the 14th.

Here's Luke in his easy chair. His late son, Billy, is also featured in the story. He was a really sweet guy who couldn't stop drinking and died of liver failure.

Billy show yourself to the world

I'd just about given up writing a column for the Intell called "September is Suicide Prevention Month" when I got an email from editorial page editor Alan Kerr - he'd previously sent an email saying he was on vaca until Oct 20.

Send it ASAP, he wrote, and gave me the word count. Different than usual... more words methinks...550-750 words

I was psyched!

Lunched at Giant, buying chicken breast and sauteed veggies at the Hot Bar. Man, they were delicious. I told that to the chef and he was really pleased.

Went home, took a 15-minute nap - you've gotta nap when you hit the sheets at 4 am - then brewed my Starbucks - took it upstairs and went to work.

It took about two hours, I'd say.

Hi Alan, [I wrote him]

The story is 634 words.

I have everyone's permission to write this.

Story is both attached and below.

Updated bio and photo will follow.

Please lemme know when it'll run.

Thanks very much!!!

Silky blouse is a hand-me-down from my fashion-conscious niece Melissa Joy Cartagena deGrassi, DDS.
Anything else, Ruthie, you'd like to add?

That story - Tred Well - is gonna make you hongry. I've got all my favorite food in there. Crisp Triscuits and Cheese.

When I wrote it I hadn't discovered
Image result for small container edy's reeses pieces

The Reese's Pieces ice cream is in a tiny container. Ruthie-sized.

Sometimes I lay in bed and imagine leaping out.... driving to the Giant and buying something absolutely scrumptious to eat.

Here's what I'm reading now

Image result for the aviator's wife book  Compelling, as the reviews say.

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