Friday, September 18, 2015

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Pennypack Trail in Bryn Athyn - Walkiing around the block just now

Image result for bats in pa Bats are good, said my next-door neighbor, Bill Adams. They eat the insects.

They're not so good, however, when Little Ruthie is walking around the block and they're swooping very low under the street lamps, too low for my comfort.

A good horror movie would be to see their shadows on the street and then their attack of The Walker.

Am doing well on my new column "Aging Gracefully." My friend Freda just called - Bernie is in the hospital with cellulitis -a spreading bacterial infection. Sent him a card this a.m., a hand-drawn pic of many circles with the caption "Cellulitis Begone."

I addressed it to Bernie Sanders and then redid it to Bernie Samuels.

Freda said she's thinking up topics, as am I, for my columns.

What's all the commotion? Read on

 Montco Get Out and Go. You could smell the new wood on the bridge over the untroubled waters of Pennypack Creek TEN MINUTES AWAY from our houses.

Here's Republican congressman Tom Murt with his aide Bill Dixon, who gave me a peck on the cheek. The guy in the blue shirt is David Rowland.

Of the funeral home? I asked.

That was my father, he said.

 Lauren Steele of Pennypack Trust. She's a bike rider and brought her bike. We walked with her along the new trail. Scott and I had been there many times.
Dig these dignitaries. Joshua Shapiro was a riot. He has four little kids. Were any of them there? They probly said, Nah, I've got better things to do.
Click to enlarge. This may be Val Arkoosh, who emphasized she's a doctor and that there's nothing better than getting out and walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Read about her impressive medical career here - anesthesiology and ob/gyn.  

Image result for val arkoosh   She ran for office a couple yrs ago and lost. She looks like a nice mother.

 This may be Bruce Castor, Montco County Commissioner.
Ready.... Set.....

 David Robertson, prez of PERT.  I was boiling hot standing there with sweat pouring down.
 Scott and I took a 15-20 min walk down the trail.
When we turned around, there were even more geese in the crick.

 Don't you love cobwebs when they're not in your house?
 Am wearing my TREE shirt. Was rummaging thru my dresser drawers and found it, bought on a day trip to The High Line Path in NYC.
Pardon me, while I pop this snack into my greedy mouth. I bought Extra Dark this time, insteada Whole Wheat, cuz they were a dollar cheaper!

 Bryn Athyn police officer. "I used the Bryn Athyn Post Office," I said, as we crossed the street. "It's the best one," he said.
Here's Scott, who believes his leg is getting better by all the walks he does. I took this shot since I saw one of the news people taking it.

 We always drive past this little house. Nice to see if up close and in person. It was padlocked and there was construction material inside.
 Huge backups formed when the event was getting under way. Henkels and McCoy Truck.
 We parked far from the madding crowd.... at the Huntingdon Valley Post Office. We passed a Camaro at Performance Shop -- Scott says it was a 67 1/2 RS Camaro, the first year it came out. His friend had one.

A high performance shop is for muscle cars, hot rods.

One of the speakers said the Trails were good for economy around the park as people come to the area. They spend money like we did at the Always Cafe.
I had the falafal platter with hot pita pieces and hummus. The feta cheese was hard -there are so many varieties. I remember yrs ago when I went to the Always, they had the most delicious soft Feta, as soft as cream cheese.

Scott and I are off now for yet anudder walk round the block.

Watch dem bats, kids!

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