Monday, September 21, 2015

Raising money for the National Kidney Foundation, The Golf Classic - Poem: Flu Shot

I volunteered from 9:30 until noon.

At 8:15 a.m. I drove over to my diabetes doctor b/c I astonishingly lost the Lancet machine to prick your finger to find out your blood sugar number.

They gave me a whole new kit.

I've already painted the finger-pricker so I can easily see which buttons to push. The meter on the left is brand new. I threw the old one away b/c it BEEPED for no reason at intervals.

Wore my ASK ME WHY I HAVE THREE KIDNEYS t-shirt and a name tag which only said Volunteer.

Then at Carolyn's suggestion, we wrote our names on it. I wrote "Ruth" - what? I should write Lady Gaga?

Here's Carolyn on the right, who retired after 40 yrs teaching in the Abington school district. She loves playing golf and is a member of the Huntingdon Valley Country Club.

The Club has made membership costs more reasonable. No initiation fee.

 Friendly greeters - Jermane, Mariel (?) and Joe.
I stood behind this table and passed out items for the golfers' Goody Bags.

Hello, I'm putting some tees in your bag, a $10 off gift card from Golfsmith, help yourself to a one-size-fits-all golf cap, an umbrella for your golf clubs and Carolyn will help you in menswear to select a snazzy yellow golf shirt.

Occasionally the line got backed up and I felt like

Image result for i love lucy chocolate factory  

Speaking of chocolate, I bought a new flavor of yogurt today at the Giant

Image result for chobani double chocolate

This will be my chocolate ice cream sundae. Who said people with diabetes can't have any fun?

Yellow shirts on the right.

At some point, I was dreadfully hungry. I excused myself and went into the dining room, searching for healthy food. Cookies and brownies sat on trays. David led me into the kitchen where chicken was being prepared.

The chef gave me several strips of chicken which I began to eat as I headed back to my station.


 Volunteers got a free lunch. I ate outside with a view of the grass. I had unremarkable potato salad (taters were undercooked), a nice green salad, fresh fruit and delicious cole slaw.

 Don't you love these doors?

 This guy was some sort of "greens" boss who met up with a tractor carrying sod. He was telling the guy what to do while one of his two young kids was calling Daddy from the cart.
My fifty-thousand a year membership helps to maintain the lovely grounds.

Hmm. Wonder if I could go on Kickstarter to raise a couple million dollars so I could belong to the country club.

 On the way home - I believe I was on Willow Grove Avenue - nearly half the houses were for sail. The houses on the right were high off the ground. The ones on the left were sunk deep down. In a gully, perfect for water damage.

 You can barely see the hummingbird. Two of em visited at once earlier today. Asked people on FB if we should remove the feeders to encourage the birds to fly south.

Bob Cunningham said to leave em up... the birds know when it's time to migrate.
Scott got a coupon for the GRUB near the Wawa complex in Willow Grove.

Here's the bar.

 All the seats were high off the ground. I never sat down.
 My chick-pea mushroom burger was delicious!
Look how warmly I dressed. Very thirsty meal.

 My friend Donna Krause painted my nails. We always have fun when I go over there. Denny had bought Lacas-brand coffee, which was strong and delicious.
Here's my fingernails against a backdrop of a 2013 special edition of SECRETS OF THE BIBLE, from the US News and World Report. I think Martha gave it to me from our Writers Group.

For two days, I've been trying to read it. I'm a Religion Major in my old age. A proud Jewish nonbeliever.

Okay, gonna write a short poem on the spot.

Choices: Hummingbird - Golf - Drinking Coffee

FLU SHOT AND PREVNAR 13  (pneumonia)  

My freckled left arm exposed
she takes it in her hand
I take a deep breath and
eyes averted
feel the deep pain of a
needle pierce my
upper arm

I speak to distract
myself from the
bullet from the
Glock, asking if my
prednisone has come in

One's done, she says,
and then shoots me
again. I think of the
hummingbird hovering.

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