Thursday, September 3, 2015

Books and Flowers and Food

Watched a most unusual and shocking film last night..... Mommy.... a French Canadian film about troubled family dynamics. The violence was hard to watch but worse was the way Mommy talked to her adolescent son plus their sexual intimacy, quite comical at times.

The music was sublime. Counting Crows and Celine Dion. Next time I'm at the malt shop I will definitely put in a quarter to listen to Celine croon.

"You're doing wonderfully," said my nephrologist when I brought my kidney in to him this morning. A Catholic, he told me no matter what your religion God is the same.

I nodded and thought, Hmm, is it possible I could start believing in God again?

In 40 minutes I've gotta report to the library book club. If on a Winter's Night is the featured book. Adam will ask us what we thought of it.

Let's you and I go over my answers right now.

Ahem. Uh. Jeez.

We'll be facing each other across a huge table. Our name placards are right in front of us.

Ladies and gentlemen at this table (Charlie Rose-like) the man knows how to write, how to shape a sentence, a rhythmic sentence at that - tho it's translated - aside: and then they'll all be waiting for my "But."

You know what? I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and let Elaine and Mary carry the ball. Should I wear the earrings I bought from Elaine?

Dr G said I looked great. My ankles weren't swollen - that happened when I was first diagnosed with chronic renal disease - he pressed on my kidney (I told him where it was) and asked if it hurt. Of course I said no.

My numbers were all great.

 Mandatory pic of food. Tomatoes from our garden.

 Out into the trash went this Wallpaper that lined the walls of my upstairs hallway from 1989 until 2015.
I'm tickled Yellow by these Black-Eyed Susans from seed.

 Zinnia - cosmos

Here's my fab breakfast I took out with me on the front lawn to eat. A dash of green Tabasco will do it.

 Can I help it if I enjoy looking at my garden?
 Dreamcatcher arrived in the mail from St Joseph's Indian School. At last I got some address labels. I had to use my expensive Ruth Z Deming labels that I PAID for.

Hey! Got rid of the Dreamcatcher. Gave it to Adam the Librarian, who has two lil boys... Oliver and August.
Reading hard to finish this strange and wonderful book by Per Pettersen called I  REFUSE.

I'll read the Times Review when I come home from the book club.

Leaving now!

Bye! Love ya!

Half the people were missing at the Book Club. As always, we had a good discussion - I read my poem If on a Winter's Night - and we all discussed Reading. So the late Italo Calvino, whose parents gave him the first name so he wouldn't forget his Italian heritage - he was born in Cuba in 1923 - he could still be alive if he weren't dead - succeeded in having us discuss a theme and variations of books books books.

Jeanne had a lot to say about the book. She got mad at it and stopped reading. See! It's just like a person. You have a relationship with it. Then she skipped about 100 pages and dug in and finished it.

I hadn't read the end, but turned to the last page. Calvino asked the reader to marry him.

I think I'll pass.

What book would you marry, Dear Reader?

I'd probly marry the Bible, which, as we said at the meeting, is filled with stories.

Mary shocked us by saying she never read as a kid. She was too busy helping out the family. She was the second oldest of five. Plus she was forced to read certain books which turned her off to them.

Several women said their mom walked them to the library when they were kids - as did my mom - and they were hooked.

Goodbye for now.

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