Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Last Concert at Masons Mill Park - Zydeco-A-Go-Go

 I'll tell you why Zydeco-A-Go-Go was a terrific band.

Each performer was excellent. The leader spoke to the audience and asked our participation. He didn't hem and haw, wasting time, but ran a smooth professional show. He told little stories about New Orleans and southern food like jambalaya.

Sitting there, tapping my feet, I felt like going out for ice cream afterward.

Instead I came home and finished my salad and ate two containers of chocolate-raspberry yogurt.

Thus spake the Diabetic.

Scott was exhausted but he went anyway. This is the last concert of the season.

Ada and Rich took me to a Zydeco concert last year.

What dyou think? About 100 people?  
Was pleased to see there were People in Wheelchairs, grandparents - and parents - zooming their kids up in the air, African-Americans, Indians from India, and Muslims. Scott and I walked around the park after the concert and in the Archery Range, three male Muslims were down on the ground praying. Their women, in head scarves, sat on the grass.

Don't they prostrate themselves too?

Read about their prayer here and also get tips for a flat tummy.

 Grandpaw, on the right, would swing the kid upside down in the air.
 An ant kept running up n down the trunk.
 More spinning of kids by dad. I love seeing these interactions between Father and Sons, by Turgenev. 

I actually read an online short story this afternoon by Balzac. The words and images he used were beautiful and unusual. I read it off my blog roll.

They were not young but they could really dance. The lead singer invited people up to dance, begged them.

At the end, he repeated his request, and I stood up and shook my booty.

 Wheelchair-bound, while her friend lies on the bench.

We walked along the perimeter as dusk was closing in on us. I wore a blue long-sleeved shirt so I wouldn't get bit.

So, they attacked me in the eyes instead.

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