Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Sister Lynn Greene - Good eating at Mom's

Peach Cobbler with peach skins left on - Yay, Ellen!!!!
Vegetarian Chili for our Vegetarians Jade and Matt
The food is always superb at Mom's. She matriculated in Delicious Food and is still trying new recipes as is my sister Ellen.

Note to Ellen:  That peach cobbler is definitely a keeper. Above recipe is from Scholl Orchards in Bethlehem, PA. 

 Veronica and Jade admiring design of water bottle - glass interior protected by thick plastic
 Miles Greene stands by his grandmother, right or wrong. Remember when people had those obnoxious bumper stickers My Country, Right or Wrong?
 Gram was quite impressed by these edible Chocolate Band-Aids. Mom is known far and wide for her "Nonagerians for Chocolate!"

Miles made this wonderful card with Gram's favorite foods on it - candy!

 Jade brought Queen's Anne's Lace, a wildflower growing in her yard. The green leaves are from an invasive plant.
 Here's Lynn, the Birthday Girl, sitting next to her son, Miles. One of the h'ors oeuvres was faux chopped liver. You'll read my poem about it learn about the ingredients. 
So, Matt, what think you about Gram's chopped liver? I loved it and also enjoyed the toasted rye bread.

Mom made this rich dessert when we were kids. It uses a simple chocolate cookie and fresh whipped cream. Wait a minute! You didn't use Cool-Whip did you?

No, it was too good.

Hello Ladies. Lynn is a young, vivacious, energetic 62, seven years younger than her eldest sister.

My memory is so bad I couldn't remember who I last saw at the Keswick Theater. 

 I took it easy on the Cookie Cake - hey, I think that's a good name for it! - but took a nice helping of the Peach Cobbler and slathered it with Whipped Cream.

Dig that coffee cup! This is regular coffee. Before that, Ellen made coffee with BUTTER and COCONUT OIL.


Lynn and I trooped out to the back yard to see the flowers. 

 Mom, please remember to drink plenty of water. And eat whatever you want.

My poems will appear in the next blog post.

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