Monday, August 24, 2015

Dave Deming returns to Houston, TX - Photo of Hummingbird

Dave Deming just drove off in his rented Chevy for the Philadelphia Airport, there to have lunch and wait for his 4:30 pm plane back to Houston.

His luggage was a carry-on red backpack. 

First, though, he wanted to see the Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Pennypack Trust for the very first time. I was only too happy to take him on the grand tour.

 I enjoyed cooking him my Willow Grove Breakfast Specials.
 No need to lock, I told him, as we got outa the car, and began circling around the gorgeous Cathedral in the Suburbs.
A veritable Barnes Museum of "everywhere you look, you'll see beauty."

 Dave likes to sit and enjoy the view. I am not a 'sitter' but he taught me something. Sit down, relax, and enjoy!
I mentioned to Dave that I might change my 'screen saver' b/c of the lovely shots I got. Anudder time I changed it, but couldn't find my file folders. I have quite a few.

Sarah and Dan used to run down this steep hill. Here I am in the middle.

Look what I found!

Three quarters, nestled in the grass.

Dogwood tree. I usually don't wear a watch in the hot weather, but needed to track the time all weekend... Kay's Funeral, Our "Art Heals Program" and making the plane.

As I was walking back up the hill, breathing heavily, I thought, This hill is worse than the Cowbell Road jaunt around the block.

What are you doing, I thought. You're no spring chicken!

 Scaffolding. They've been working on the stone for years, if I'm correct. It gets corroded by pollution from the air and from vehicles.
These are lantana, which you can't make out. At one time, I grew em. The blues are unknown to me.

 One of the lovely metal railings hard by a cutleaf Japanese maple.

 Hundreds of bees and other pollinators buzzed around these fleurs.

 We drove to the Admin Offices.

Careful going through the Tunnel of Love.
 Dunno what all these bldgs are. One of em you can visit. I shall... and YOU, Dear Reader, will be the first to hear about.

Now we're at Pennypack Trust. The Bird Blind offered views of more birds than I have ever seen there! Morning? Oh, it was about 11.

Goldfinch. He stayed there a long time. He'd eat and then quickly spit something out... the hard outer covering, Mr. Audubon?

 Messeurs Cardinal and Blue Jay (camouflaged on right) shared nicely. But WHAT are they sharing?

 Okay, let's rest on the bench and then we'll take this path. Two turkeys are 3/4 the way down.

 Yoick! Yoick! Yoick! His cry sounds like that.
 Gentle grasses you caress with your hands.
Can you imagine all this land - some 900 acres - with nary a house or CVS or Home Despot anywhere near.

 These property markers must be ancient. We say bye-bye to Pennypack. We stopped into the office and I introduced Dave to Lauren Steele.

As Dave and I sat on a bench, he brought up "quantum entanglement"  - a theory, probly true, about sharing knowledge.
Finally got a shot of the hummingbird. Click to enlarge. Where is she?

Lower right.

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