Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oh, Go Ahead, Said Scott and Take Photos of Ocean City NJ

Watson's Regency Suites: The hotel's front entrance and sign. All year Scott waits for our trip to the Jersey shore.

We had three perfect days, then it poured this morning so we left to go home.

Saw two movies, both at the Moorlyn


Image result for movie max   and

   Jurassic World.

Both very good.

For some reason, the Yahoo search engine has come up instead of my fave Goggle. It's not as good.

 Bought two new dresses. Beach tag secured on shoulder. All clothes were just hand-washed and are drying in various places.
 Different ways of staying out of the sun....
This family hired BeachCaddy to set them up under the green awning. It costs less than $25. 

 Feeding the sea gulls.... popcorn, I believe. The woman bought multi-colored pasta noodles and kept salting them.
This little tyke had an umbrella affixed to his little beach chair. Don't you love kids and are glad you don't have to watch them any more!!!!!

 One of our fave restaurants is The Hula Grill on the Boardwalk. Scott got a beloved crabcake while I opted for the Thai BBQ Scallops.

They were awful!!! Tonite am gonna make scallops my way.

 Am very conscientious about slathering suntan cream on my bod. Many folks on antirejection meds get skin cancer.
 All sorts of fancy cars were on the Boardwalk with the potential winner of "A Night in Venice." What dat?

Cars included Maseratis, BMWs and Ferraris with the horse logo. How I know? Needed some cash to pay my taxes so sold my Ferrari. Don't believe every thing she writes.

These photos are meaningless. 

Stop already!!!
One more.... pweese!

 Curly Fries!  They are goooooood!!!

 It began to pour... real hard
We made a run back to our hotel.

My laptop began doing really screwy things. I was watching Wallender on Netflix

and it shut off.

Hadn't realized that Kenneth Branagh also stared in Rabbit-Proof Fence, which I watched thother nite on Netflix. Some films are real difficult to watch, like Rabbit-Proof Fence, which is a true story.
Rabbit-Proof Fence movie poster.jpg  Kenneth played the Chief Protector of the Aborigines.

Gonna start the Scallops now. Dinner at 5 on the dot.

 Delicious! Scott picked the first cuke from our garden!

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