Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh, heck, let's just do another blog post - Cynthia - Artificial heart - Flori's Cafe

 Haven't seen Cynthia in ever so long. When she called and invited me over for lunch, I jumped at the chance.
 New couch she bought for an amazing price at Macy's. $600 on sale, I believe.
I told her that years ago I was immune to delicate pieces of china like these. No more, Reader, no more! These belonged to Bella Levine, her late mom/law.

 I brought my own lentil stew for lunch. Needed to finish it off. Cyn provided the salad and cold water in a Coke bottle and
 Cyn's drink of choice:  Root Beer. I'll tell you something, I am so suggestible, I look at that root beer and I wanna go buy some.

OR, if I thought it was coffee, I'd wanna brew a pot.
Her three sons stuck fast to the refrigerator.

 Her late husband Bobby with newborn Gilad, I believe, their daughter Maya's son.

Cynthia and Noam in Tel Aviv, I believe. Below lies the city. 

The metro area has 3.5 million people and they just had Gay Pride Day with 180,000 in attendance.

 Cynthia, Bella, her sister on the end - a Canadian psychologist - and possibly the sister's daughter, who is a movie star in Canada.
 Thanks for the delicious fruit compote, Cyn.
Cyn's next door neighbor in the condo, Rose, 84, has a magnificent garden. She told me Rose was out somewhere and we would not be seeing her.

 Rose's bird bath is full, the sign of a compassionate gardener.
 Try these for a bad back. I recommended them to a couple of people who had no interest in it.
Hello, Rose, nice to meet you. She attends Our Lady of Good Council, where mom's backyard neighbors, The Morris Family attend.

When I left, Cynthia asked me to choose some books to read.

Just what I need!

I have started

Image result for author desai anita fasting feasting  Quite good. Read about author Anita Desai here. 

Image result for author desai anita

It was soooo hot at home, I decided to eat at Flori's Cafe just up the hill.

It's been over a year since I've eaten there.

"Bibu Burger" is advertised as I drive by.

 Rita's Water Ice had a crowd snaking around the corner.

Don't you wish they'd come in here, I said to Flori.

They were all in here, she said.

I saw how depleted her cooler was - Cokes, Waters, one Sprite.
 I got the Bibu w/o the roll. Black Angus Meat, pepperjack cheese, bacon and salad. Delicious!

While waiting, I brought the Anita Desai book Cynthia had given me.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going upstairs to mount my fiery steed - my exercise bike.

My nurse friend stopped over the other night. She's an OR nurse.

Vat's dis?

 This is an artificial heart that was installed for an entire year into a 53-yo man's heart while he awaited a heart from a cadaver. This was part of a research project. Toward the end of the year blood clots started to form in the fake heart.

This is very common. 

But a new heart was found just in time. The man is still alive.
 She let water run through both sides of the heart, showing how the blood runs through. The two sides are Velcro'd together.

Read this article in the Times about an artificial heart they use on the elderly. Still in testing stages.

Auricles and ventricles.
She and I sat on the red couches talking about things like.... how did we end up here in the USA? She was born in Uruguay. And how did our souls land in these particular bodies.


  1. You seem to know so many interesting people and that makes life fun, and provides constant material for writing! I have a tee shirt that I love, which reads, "I am a writer. That means I live in a crazy fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. Thank you for understanding."

    I don't think I do, though and don't think you do either! I expect to meet interesting people wherever I go, and usually do.

    Today I went to my new Yiddish Club. I have attended three times and have enjoyed it immensely and find I understand a good 75 or more % of what is said. Today a woman read a blog post from a professor at Oxford and another who is in her 80;s, in a wheelchair and used to teach Yididsh in NJ, read an ironic poem for upcoming Father's Day, about a man with unrespectful "Beatnik" sons who mostly ignore him but they think Father's Day is a "Yontiff" (holiday) and come to visit, bringing him a box of stale cigars, an ugly tie, etc. I got a kick out of it. The leader of the club who emails us all and publishes notices about the meetings in the paper, is 97 and there is another 97 yr old who participates, but the second one requires a ride.

    I do also get a kick out of your blog but have to cut down lately. I was becoming a blogoholic.

  2. Yiddish Club! Fantastic. And good for you for remembering so much from your childhood in Bklyn with Gertrude and Harry!