Sunday, May 10, 2015

Three Mother's Day Parties in a Single Day

Scott's White Dogwood Tree is now blooming with striated pink blossoms.

BTW, after the Third Party, where I gorged myself, I went on exercise bike for 30 minutes, while watching a very old Dragnet show with a young Jack Webb and then switching to Wolf Hall, which wasn't as bad as before.

Still, I had to be with YOU, Dear Reader, and tell you about my day.

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 This house is next to my son Dan's. Beautifully landscaped!!!
Wonder what these lovely blue fleurs are.

 Scrambled eggs w cheese on top, blueberry waffle with real maple syrup, bacon, and desserts from a Glenside Bakery.
 Barbara Toohey and I sipped on delicious cocktails
Grace snatched one of my bacon pieces away.

Oh, keep it, I said. (sadly... very sadly)

 Grace now lets me photograph her!

She picked out this bathing suit all by herself on QVC.
 There is something very striking about the back of Max, his sturdy little body, at age 2.

At table, Grace heard the word "August" - did you say "August" she asked.

It's her birth month.
Grace said every time Max goes to the back yard to see their new swing set, he gets very excited.

That's bc they took away the old one and he's afraid they'll take away this one, she said. A little psychologist already!

Max could not decide whether to slide down or not.

"Let Gaga help you," she said.

And he did start calling me "Didi" again instead of "Bubby" as he did last time.

 Huge baby pool. When Max accidentally fell down, he began crying and needed Mama.

We sat on lawn chairs - Dan had cut the front lawn - and relaxed.
 Hello Ole Man Blank.

As in days of yore, I kissed Blank and felt him purr. He has a delicious smell.
Blank used to live with me. He and Dan spent five years in the bottom level while Dan saved up for a new house.

 Nudge poses like a king on the table.

Miguel was mowing the lawn when I parked at Mom's.

Miguel and his partner Jose are from El Salvador like my kidney surgeon, Stalin Campos.

 Howdy Mommy and Miles Greene. Miles lives with two other guys in a nice-sized apartment or house in Jersey City, NJ.

Mom and I were talking about Majestic Specialties, Inc. where Dad used to work. Main office in Manhattan, with factories or distribution centers in Cleveland, Jersey City, and Ridgefield, NJ.

Mom said it was the imprint "Kalita" that was in Ridgefield. She's right, of course.
Sister Lynnie helped her BF Neil O'Keeffe after his 85-yo mother died of a heart attack last week. Mom said she was glad they met one time - I was there too - at the pool store Neil used to own on York Road.

 The lovely Jade Greene and hubby Matt Piccarilli... ovo-lacto vegetarians. Chickens on the huge grounds where they live produce eggs and they couldn't live w/o cheese, said Matt.

Lemme tell you something. Last nite after gardening, I was exhausted and needed something filling to eat.

I scrambled up two beautiful eggs and put minced garlic in them.

Nothing, I said to myself, is more delicious than eggs!
C'est moi.

Scott and I drove to his sister and bro/law's house in Marlton New Jersey.

Danny BBQd

Chicken thighs and shrimp.

Both delicious.

Thother grandmother, Carol, who lost her husband Steve to cancer a couple months ago, makes the most scrumptious deviled eggs.

Upon seeing her, after giving her my condolences, I said I can't wait to eat your HBE's

Oh! she said. I left them at home.

She and grandson Matt, an Eagle Scout and now attending fashion school, drove to her house to get them.

Image result for deviled eggs   

I did not bring my camera. On porpoise.

Asked my mother/law Natalie about her beautiful nails. She has them done and uses only nontoxic nail polish. I write down the two names. They're in my pocketbook.

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