Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Scrabble Night at the Giant - Coffee and Corn Muffin at Dunkin Donuts - Sugar Low - Uncle Ken fini

Image result for liszt Who, you may ask, isss this mahn?

Vell, I shall tell you.

Thisss mahn is one Franz Liszt, who lived to be 74 years old. I listen to him now. On YouTube. His was a fascinating life and I never knew diss.

If you are awake and cannot sleep, I commend you to his biography. He was the greatest piano virtuoso of his day. He had many lovers which produced in him such passion that his compositions exploded from him as did the number of his concerts.

1811 - 1886. Methinks my Gramma Lily The Elder was born in 1898.

I drove Rosemary to her hairdresser and waited two hours for her at the Fox Chase Dunkin Donuts.

Set up my laptop on the table and even though it was in the 80s outside, I got very hot coffee, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And then I cheated. I am not proud of myself. And yes, Dear Reader, I paid heavily for it.

Image result for dunkin donuts corn muffin  First of all, the corn muffin was not freshly baked.

What kind of an idiot orders a corn muffin at friggin Dunkin Donuts? You order a doughnut, with plenty of sugar inside and frosting on top.

Me, a person w diabetes, tried to take it easy on the sugar by ordering this borderline stale doughnut from "Lina."

First thing I do is I dunk it into the coffee.

Half of it falls right into the coffee.

I go up and ask for a spoon. And then I eat it.


Then, in a moment of pure genius, I pour tsps of coffee over the muffin.

How does a person write and eat at the same time. I sat there and thunk.

My goal was actually to finish my short story "Uncle Ken" then and there at the donut shop AND to commence another short story.

I did finish Ken and I'm up this late b/c I polished it off. Oh, I did take a brief nap while watching Charlie Rose. He had on an apologist for Obama, a female with the last name of Pritzker. Ain't there a Pritzker Prize?  

 Image result for pritzker prize
The prize is either for architecture or new shapes of cookies and crackers.

What I really wanna talk about is the Worst Sugar Low I've ever had.

First, lemme talk about our first Scrabble Night at the Giant. All of three people showed up. But Ed and I had a great time. When we were halfway done, a new lady comes over. "Gwen" escaped from home - her BP husband has a hold over her - but she enjoyed talking shop - and thought she might come to our evening group.

Image result for professional scrabble board  What a player Ed was!!! He knew all these 'two-letter' words. I barely knew any, but pretended I did and got away with it. They sounded real. Ed would've challenged me had I been wrong.

Here's an example of the 7 letters I had laid out on my rack


At one point, I sent em all back into the velvet bag and picked out seven more.... basically the same... lame.

My high scoring letters were


So, I'm taking a minor nap around 5 pm while watching Netflix, down here on the Red Couch.

When I wake up, I go into the kitchen to check my sugar. It had been 343 - about the highest I've ever had - so I injected 10 units, which you never do.

Now, in the kitchen, I'm absolutely out of my mind.

I can't think. Absolutely cannot think. I start stuffing pretzels into my mouth, but spit em out b/c they take too long to go down.

Then I down

Image result for chobani raspberry dark chocolate  Three of em. When I buy em, the cardboard is so hard to remove, that I must, before filing em away in the bottom drawer, cut em open, which thankfully I had done.

So I'm standing there .... shaking... sweating.... and decide, for fun's sake, to see what my sugar is.

Early 40s.

I can't wait to tell "Clint" about it. Clint, my diabetes buddy, I expect at Scrabble Night. We have a support group of two.

Image result for buffalo bob 

Uncle Ken loses his beloved wife, he becomes a missionary in Uganda (based on a neighbor), undergoes ECT, and loses his faith in the Almighty.

Is it realistic? Dunno. I'll send it out to a few folks the morrow and see what they think.

Now I think I'll rock myself to sleep either by reading

Image result for t c boyle new book   or watching Netflix.

Today Scott got cable TV from (whispering, cuz I don't like promoting anyone)  Vz.

So, I'm watching NHK News on PBS - that's the Japanese news - very well done - and they tell us there's been a horrific AMTRAK trans derailment, right here in Philadelphia.

243 people are on board and at least six are dead.

The train was coming from DC and heading to New York.

Now, the thing that got me about this particular debacle is that I personally know people who take this train.

Scott and I have taken it to DC. Ada and Rich take it to DC and my daughter Sarah has taken it to visit me and others.

As soon as I finish my egg, am gonna go to Scott's to discuss.

They were discussing it at SEPTA during the night, he said. They think the driver may have been going too fast around the curves. SEPTA trains automatically slow down on curves. 

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