Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Part Two - The High Line - I finally advance on my iPhone

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I successfully checked my emails. And I called Sarah who was just getting out of her Spanish class.

Our day is called Ship and Shore. The shore part was the High Line.

After lunch it's time for the Ship part.

We go for a two-hour cruise on the Hudson River narrated by a brilliant architect historian.

One amazing thing he tells us is that NYC has plans for a MILLION MORE PEOPLE. The infrastructure is ready. We passed a sewage treatment plant which you'll view later on. And they have plenty of water.

First thing I did when I drove home from the trip was to water my new plantings. The seeds are coming up very nicely.

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So, we're on this beautiful boat called Manhattan sailing along.

Boating is my favorite thing.

  In the paddle boat at Lake Galena.

 View from de boat.
 Still dunno what that polyhedron shaped bldg is. Just made up that shape.
This, I believe, are towers for either the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel, and on the opposite side, are the NJ towers. It's all about fresh air and getting rid of the carbon monoxide.
Building after building flowed past.
Which side is this? New York or New Jersey? Dig the foamy waves.

 Removed myself from the boat interior and went to stand on the deck, camera in hand. The fresh air was glorious!
 Every building is a beaut!
Dyou spose this is the new Frank Gehry bldg? If so, it's the largest residential bldg in the USA.

I'll tell you right now. It is NOT the Frank Gehry bldg.  

Image result for frank gehry manhattan    Listen, don't believe a thing I said.

Let's just cruise along, forget the nomenclature, and enjoy the ride.

Follow this woman and her Nikon Camera.

She doesn't need a pocketbook b/c she's wearing this fisherman's vest. Pockets galore! It was only $25 she told me but couldn't remember what outlet she bought it at. Not Model's, she said. Dick's Sporting Goods? Hey, I think they're gone.

 I kept running from one side of the deck to the other.
 Ellis Island.
The foamy deep

 Old fort.
 They build as close to the shore as possible b/c of the limited amount of land. They also build up the land near the shore with 'landfill.'
 So many bridges over troubled waters!  Remember BMW, said the guide. Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge.
 The appetizers were great!

 Some sort of tram bringing residents from Tribeca to Manhattan.

 Still Life:  Pensive bartender about to get his nose backhanded by dissatisfied passenger.

 Big difference, said the guide, between the vegetation on the Jersey side vs Manahatta side. That word means Land of Many Hills, in Lenni-Lenape, who a millennia ago lived in my back yard.
Atop a very tall Manahatta hill I spotted these two tiny creatures.
We have no idea what these bldgs are, do we, Reader?

 Thanks to the bartender for my delicious cup of hot coffee.
 Lighthouse was gonna be destroyed. Then a children's book was written about it. Publicity! The Lighthouse remains.

Me on deck photographing the inside of the boat.

There were two "heads." The one I used had a leaky faucet, which I mentioned to Captain Malcolm.

Below are some gifts I bought. 

 Earrings are $10.
 This Bangladesh-made blouse featured unusual sunscreened trees done in Brooklyn.
Magnets and postcards of..... THE HIGH LINE.

 In the Chelsea Marketplace was a water fall. Methinks it looks like the blood pouring out of the dead meat carcasses.
 Artists showed their wares here. View from the top of the stairs.

Help.... help....she called as she fell ....
Kenna is her plaid shirt.

It was in here that I called Sarah and spoke a couple of minutes.

 Kenna and I bought lovely earrings made by Genevieve. Her French name reveals her French roots.
 She and two friends own this boutique, which they only have about three days a week. It rents for $800 but she said they do quite well.
This gentleman owns a lovely men's fashion boutique.

See my iPhone on the right.

 A woman with a huge smile sold leftover parts of you name it.
 Posters of NY scenes.
I loved this colorful poster of brownstones.

Ah, here's our guide.

Nightie-night all!

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