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Terry Farber, attorney, talks about Special Needs' Trusts, Medicaid, Medicare and more

Terry Lee Farber of in Trevose, PA.

Her previous career was a nurse who worked with all patient populations. She particularly enjoyed working with seniors. She held positions at a couple of law firms before founding her own.

A 73-yo woman from Horsham, PA, had called New Directions the other day. "Alice" had cared for her husband Larry, 74, at home, but his Parkinson's, his incontinence, and other conditions were too much for her so she put him in a Warminster nursing facility.

Alice asked me to ask Terry some questions about Medicaid. Bottom line is that Larry will not lose his Medicaid. Alice feared he would be kicked out of his nursing home. She also had to fight with Medicaid to get him an electric wheel chair. They wanted to give him an arm-powered one but he has no upper body strength.

Alice did say that the nursing home had an excellent rehab program.

Terry said a married couple who has Medicaid cannot have more than $3,000 in assets - in the bank - excluding their home, automobile, burial space, life insurance.

This is what Alice was freaking out about. 

Terry also mentioned that Medicaid does offer many services for physical and mental help, whether you're in a nursing home or at home.

When a person gets SSI - Social Security Income - it is b/c they don't have enough money to support themselves and the government wants to help them.

How can they live on such a low monthly check, asked someone.

Boarding home, said Terry.

The stories that make up this novel take place in a rooming house.

Most disabled individuals live at home.

Once on SSI, they qualify for Medicaid.

SSI is one form of income for a disabled individual - whether they have a mental or physical illness - while SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance - is another.

You get SSDI when you have a work history, say, for 10 years, but get disabled. You have paid into Social Security and are subsequently rewarded by a monthly check from the govt.

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Don't tell anyone but I'm gonna type RUTH Z DEMING into the "pay to" line.


Click Terry's 2-page handout to enlarge

Here's one typical case Terry deals with. A 30-year-old disabled man works part-time - he's not capable of full-time work - lives with his parents.

He has no expenses since he lives with his parents. He has $30,000 in his savings account.

His parents should set up a special needs' trust and he should get on SSI.

SSI will pay for Shelter and Food.

The Trust will protect his money. He'd be allowed to buy certain items, such as a computer or to pay his cell phone bill, while SSI pays for food and shelter.

He'll also automatically get Medicaid.

Special Needs' Trust can only be set up by parents or other blood relatives of the disabled individual, in conjunction, I believe, with The Department of Human Services, formerly known as The Welfare Department.

A Trust can be set up while the parents are still alive OR it can be part of their will.

Terry mentioned that there are more and more autistic children/young adults today who would benefit by these trusts.
We gave Terry these stunning multi-colored tulips as a gift for her coming out to speak.

Our $25 gift card from the Giant brought great healthy snacks

Image result for tangerines and apples   Tangerines and apples. "Be sure to take em all home," I said to the kids. They did.

We had about 10 people in the audience. I always ask where people heard of us. One woman read about it in the Intelligencer.

I spoke to her afterward. Her son suffers from depression and is constantly depressed but is able to work.

He should not be depressed, I said. There are meds to help him. Who does he see?

It was my former psychiatrist, Siggy.

Oh, I said, Dr Freud is definitely overmedicating your son. Where dyou live?

I told her to call me and I'd recommend a different psychiatrist.

Will she call me?

A couple of people came b/c Debbie Moritz of Bucks County NAMI sent out an email.

You're familiar with the Bald Eagles in Hanover, PA. Two eglets hatched and are doing quite well.

Mr and Mrs Eagle just contacted me and have decided to set up a Trust for their little darlings.

They thanked me profusely. This way, they can purchase some fresh fish, if necessary, at the Willow Grove Giant Food Store.

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