Friday, April 3, 2015

Seder at The Fleishers - Two New Poems I dashed off this morning - Onward into Spring / Farewell to the Snow

When I woke up this morning, I smelled the delicious tulips as I descended the stairs. They spent the night and didn't demand coffee like my previous house guests.

Brought the ones on the left to Ada as a Seder gift.

They were $10 apiece for one day only at Kremp Florist. Julie was my server and wrapped em in gold foil.

Finished my short story Washer of the Dead. My friend Freda read it and said I should take it easy. No more story writing. She has a cockamamie idea I'll lapse into mania again.

I had two poem ideas so I worked on em today. You'll find them - all 14 of you - at blog's end.

 Aaron and Anissa Fleisher with Alec Reid, 5,  and Laurel Faye, 2. Just about the ages of my grands, Grace and Max.
I had never seen Laurel before. Curly hair and simply adorable! Her older brother is very smiley and speaks Spanish, which he learns at school.

 Even tho this is a terrible picture of Ada, I'll leave it here. She was the M.C. and conducted the brief seder.
Scott enjoyed the food and the talk about politics. The tentative nuclear agreement with Iran and selected European countries, and the way various news media portray it - favorably or not.

Edward Moss is Ada's older brother. He's a radiologist at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. Hadn't realized that Cooper is a medical school. The topic of the former CEO of Cooper came up when Ada brought out the gefilte fish.

Bob Bendesky sent me this photo of one of the largest gefilte fishes ever caught.

And of course we served it with

Image result for red horseradishRed horseradish. Red bc it's colored with beet juice.

So, the CEO of Cooper initiated the practice of having Gefilte Fish in the cafeteria during Passover. Even though he's passed on, the tradition has been continued.

How did he and his wife die?

You guessed it. Read more.

Speaking of blood and gore, a similar event took place this past week in Bryn Athyn. Both Ada and my mom, who both live nearby in Huntingdon Valley, heard the whir of helicopters, those pesky reporters come out to report on the tragedy.

Read about it here. 

The Passover Story also includes violence. Remember "the killing of the first-born male?" God said he'd do dat if the Pharaoh didn't let the Jews go free.

Finally, Moses got the Pharaoh to "let my people go."

Image result for pharaoh letting jews go free  Here we are crossing the Red Sea. Gosh, I was so scared because I can't swim, I was only 7 you see, but the waves parted and we got to the other side, and then Mommy and Daddy said I was so good I could watch the movie Kitt Kittredge, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

  It was fun sitting next to Edward bc he and I were raving about the food.

Matzah Ball soup she made from a mix, same as my mom's, the knedlach were light as a feather
We put Farfel in it. 
Apple and Something Pudding.
Delicious tzimmes  with prunes, carrots, sweet potatoes

Image result for tzimmes

Image result for cadbury eggs

I brought the kids one creme egg apiece, but the beagle "Matches" ate one of em, wrapper and all.

Ada and Rich bought them

Image result for stutz candy rabbits  Easter Bunny Lollipops. The kids mentioned they'd seen the Easter Bunny at the mall and the Bunny was a lady.

Yawn! Yawn! It was time to say good night.

What a great time we had.


Feet propped up
on the sun porch
I view the
grass, sprinkled
like paprika
with last year’s
maple leaves
as I read an
exciting passage
in the white-covered book.

Nigerians are
queuing around the
block of the American
Embassy, wanting to
emigrate from their
blood-spattered land. Will she
be chosen? So many
people lie. She practices
what she will say, with the
man behind her.

I have only an hour to finish
before my book club meets
at two-thirty

when I hear them.

Flinging book on table
I stand up and stare out
the screen.
It’s been months since
I’ve seen them. Months and
how I’ve missed them.

Six or eight
bound across my yard
the sound like
flapping sheets
drying in the wind

I watch
white tails up
with optimism
of the newly-
born spring.

Which antlered one
has sired little ones
growing now
in mama’s womb? 


are sick of snow.
who have fallen
or slid or banged an elbow
or even a young friend
who come out of his
house, slips, is knocked
out silly, and his wife finds
him. Dead?
Just stunned.

my heart goes out
to the piles of snow
that drop by drop
lose their once
fearsome personality
that has killed many
a man

Heaps once gray
as storm clouds
over Nazi Germany
blackened by the
outpouring of
the noxious gas
of Cadillacs, Ford trucks
or Toyotas who come
visit from New York.

The sparrows
never sat atop
heaps, knowing
better, simply
wintered in the
painted bird box
outside my
snow-dappled lawn
meditating upon
their long ancient
history, dreaming
they were feathered
fliers huge as whales
sixty-five billion years
ago, who dreamt they
were tiny sparrows
living in bird houses
in front of Ruthie’s house.

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