Thursday, November 6, 2014

The night before My Road Trip to NOLA

Madonna and Child,

Hello Haylinne Rose Temple. 

Her mom, Katy, says her face changes every single day.

 My last supper was an egg omelet w asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, green scallions and lemon juice. I used everything up in my fridge, save the peppers and mushrooms which Scott is now the proud consumer of.

 The last two eggs await in the patiently purring refrigerator for my breakfast.

Even tho the suitcase cries out for more clothes, the trick is:  Leave it alone.

My postcard addresses are on top. All I need to add is BOOKS.

This foto conveys a lot of information.

Got my nails done this morning. Had chosen some SILVER polish, but then I changed my mind, since this b'ful pink was sitting there.

The striped shirt is what I'll wear on the bus tomro. I washed it this morning and it's not quite dry, but my body heat is drying it off.

This is our annual Bonfire.

The next one will be on Sunday, December 7, at noon.

I'll fill out the paperwork now online.

When next you hear from me I'll be


  1. How sound quite efficient. I am always up till the wee hours before a trip, and always manage to forget something. I also rarely remember to take addresses and to send postcards. Good for you!

  2. started 10 days in advance. made a list and checked it over and over again. now if only i can download fotos faster!