Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving the way we like it - Scallops, Brussels Sprouts w Cheese and Almonds

My family always gets together at Nikki and Steve's in New Jersey. There we partake in fantastic food, song and dance, and drunken revelry, not to mention the blaring game of football.

As usual, I couldn't find a ride, so I made a meal that was out of this world!

Roll the photos, please!

Christmas lights on for the first time this year. Note the lit-up candy canes I bought from Produce Junction.

Santa is surely on his way.

Scott has to work tonite, walking to the train at 7:30 pm, in an hour.

 Who's that cute little blond changing the CD player. Listening to The something Waltz by Kim Wright. Down to the wire.
Brussels sprouts steaming away.

Took me an hour to prepare, then I took a brief nap, woke up and went to work.

Six large scallops, cut in bite-size pieces, sauteed in butter n olive oil with chopped up peppers of all colors, onions, minced garlic from a jar,  and mushrooms. Juice of a lemon.

No seasoning needed.

The spread. Also had Scott's fave kind of hummus - red roasted pepper - with cucumbers to dip it into.

Note the place mats. Mom gave them to me. 


You've heard of "Hot Lips" from MASH. Meet "Fish Lips" from Willow Grove.

"Delicious meal," he proclaimed.

At SEPTA, where Scott works, Friday morning is the Santa Claus train. The cleaners at SEPTA make sure the train is spotless and they also decorate it.

"They do a nice job," he said.

  This is the "L," where Scott works.

And for dessert.....

Now I'm smoking my meerschaum pipe, watching film noirs on YouTube - the excellent House Guest with the great Anne Baxter and Ralph Bellamy, who called her, rightly, "a monster."

And listening to favorite songs on YouTube like Sumer is Icumin in by Richard Thompson.

Favor, please! Check out my previous blog post.  It's got 516 hits on it and the number is rising. Why on earth?

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