Thursday, November 13, 2014

Strolling through NOLA - Swamp Boat Cruise - Night Life and Booze

Internet reception much better today. Last nite, I sent a photo of an alligator to Todd and it took 25 minutes to send it. Actually, photos take forever to download.

 Huge park fills up during the day with musicians, food vendors, mimes.
 Thousands of movies are made in NOLA.
Can you see the balconies like in Streetcar Named Desire?

Speaking of which, here's the plaque for his home in NOLA, where he wrote Desire, and where he choked to death.

Tennessee was friends with William S Burroughs. Read their fascinating conversation about using illegal drugs.
Alta is a big fan of bread pudding. I was not, until she and her friend Dolores took me to the best bread pudding in town.

Bread pudding. Edwin, below, introduced me to the chef, who told me the ingredients.

French bread, eggs, milk, vanilla, FRUIT COCKTAIL, and a Rum Sauce. As I said to Dolores and Alta, it's as good as pie is.

This is Edwin, one of the staff of Commerce Restaurant.

Every person working there takes pride in the restaurant and wants you to like their food and come back.

Edwin gave me a free cuppa Decaf to take back to the hotel... Hotel LaQuinta.

All 45 of us walked down the crowded streets of the French Quarter to our restaurant, Inn of Two Sisters, an enjoyable meal. I ordered trout almondine, which was delicious.

Afterward we went to two nightclubs. Had a ball at both of em.

Drinks were paid for by our Tour.

I wanted to have a real drink, and for some reason, a vestigial memory popped up:

Kahlua and Cream.

O O O O O O was it delicious!!!

Also ordered it at the next nightclub, remembering you're sposed to stick with the same drink.

Chris Owens is the most famous performer in NOLA.

A beautiful body with shapely legs, she and her ensemble never stopped dancing. They brot people in the audience up on stage and made them feel comfortable.

The woman is 82 years old, born in 1933.

So, back to the hotel I go. Get on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then settle down. I do what everyone with an iPhone does, I just do it on my laptop.

I could not fall asleep. Why? Kahlua has coffee in it.

Goggled Best Netflix movies and watched a super-well acted film with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore called A Single Man.

Hey! I forgot about the Swamp Boat Tour.

While uploading photos on here, cuz it's so slow, I addressed 10 more postcards, then ran down 15 flights of stairs to have them mailed.

Am gonna lie down now and see if I can get some sleep. Will be reading
   Great book - very honest - he died last July at 86.

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