Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Garbage Night and other Amazing Thoughts

My new screen saver. That's a laff.

Just walked up the street to see what furniture John DeLuca was giving away. Why not donate it to Impact Thrift?

Now it's going to a landfill, along with my pistachio nut shells and mounds of dust from my Bissell lightweight sweeper.

While walking home, I thought, Why aren't I outside having fun? What's the point of staying indoors all day and doing work?

But that's what grownups do. My laptop, where I'm typing now, is very close to the front door, so it's sorta like being outdoors.

My poem "The Lucky Seven" was just published by Mad Swirl. Right now you can read it here. 

But, it may go away.

Here's what the editor said:

Mad Greetings, Ruth Deming!
We were pleased to hear from you again with this submission.

We liked "THE LUCKY SEVEN" best. What a great story! 

If Mad Swirl were a movie production company, we'd pick up the option. But, we're a crazy confab of creative conspirators and recognize our own when you come around - so we posted this one to our Poetry Forum.

Since it has been over a year since your last submission, we ask that you submit again within the next 3-4 months, only if you are interested in becoming a Contributing Poet. Of course, you can submit anytime you like and we will always be pleased to review your work. But, we ask our Contributing Poets to submit (never surrender) with more frequency.

So, will it be sooner, or later? Either way, please...

Keep'em comin'!


"The whole mad swirl of everything to come began then" - Jack Kerouac 
The hummingbirds return!

 Different poses of hummingbird at the feeder. There were two of em.

These are the first shots I've ever gotten of the little fellows. Scott has many.

BTW, in its wisdom known only to themselves, this blogspot has changed the way photos are uploaded.

Thing is, when I shoot the hummers, I've gotta do it through the glass door, not the screen. That's why the photos came out.

 Scott bought bird seed for the goldfinch and sure enough, we see them. They're one of the fastest fliers around.

None of the birds would touch the new seeds for a couple of days. We learned this about our birds. They are cautious! This includes their approaching new bird baths.

Who taught them?

Here's the audio book I listen to in the car. "Son of Hamas."

In the kitchen I'm listening to

Do not tell me what happens in either book.

I have also discovered the poetry of C K Williams!!!!!!!

While on the phone with Gregory and Carole Hodges, head of our Family Member group, I made this rather delicious Cream of Vegetable Soup. However, the almond milk tastes weird.

I used peppers of all colors, onions, mushrooms, some mouse tails I found on the floor, and a squeeze of lemon. Garnished with sunflower seeds and pecans.

Note to myself:  Do not stop watering your cosmos and basil (to the left of the cosmos) until they're good and dead.

The pumpkin is dead, its umbilical cord severed by the squirrels. Also, I found this beautiful orange and yellow plant at the Creek Road Pennypack Trust.

Be aware of the world around you and give praise!

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