Thursday, February 27, 2014

Made my Feb 28 postmark for the Montco College Contest - submitted "In Pursuit of Happiness" and "Straying," a poem

Hello, Readers! Note the GRAY SPEAKER in the middle. When I watch Netflix, I turn on the speaker b/c my laptop is afraid to raise its voice. Something about its childhood. Its parents were alcoholics and always arguing.

This is me getting ready to blog. What a verb! Verbs, you know, are the heart of writing, moving the story forward. I used a lotta good verbs in the story I FINALLY mailed to Montgomery County Community College.

I delayed b/c it was tuff deciding what to mail in. I decided to write FLASH FICTION, which is usually 1000 words or less. And to enter my story in Flash Fiction journals.

Wrote the story IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS last nite. Great title, n'est-ce pas? I heard it somewhere and employed it.

The title page you send in takes concentration. Here's a facsimile:

Ruth Z Deming
204 Cowbell Road
Willow Grove PA 19090
215 659 2142  (I put in the hyphens, but it's too time-consuming here)


Poem:  Straying

Yesterday morning, I looked out my backyard window and saw Boots, the neighborhood cat, strolling atop the snow.

That's it, I said. I'm gonna concoct a story about Boots. And did.

My first draft was almost perfect. Had to check some words - aerialist - yes, I'd gotten it right. I did not check De temps en temps which began a sentence.

Students are reading the entries, so I did skew the writing toward young people. I do plan, however, to write stories about infighting in the old age homes.

Ran over Scott's this morning while he was still conscious and read the story to him. He really liked it, tho I made some minor corrections while reading it.

With my short story and poem in a huge white envelope, I thought, What's the closest PO to me. Since I can't get to the Bryn Athyn, zipcode 19009 - show off! - b/c the chainlink bridge is out, I went to the Abington PO, whose parking lot is always mobbed.

I always back in, hearing my back crack as I do so.

Listen to this! As soon as I mailed the thing, I realized I should've written "roasted alive" instead of simply "roasted." So I corrected it for when I submit it online. 

Then I shopped at the Giant, picking up

When you send in your entries, you must use TIMES NEW ROMAN. I do not like that font at all, no sirree, but of course I followed the rules.

Deluxe Vegetable Soup. Used Campara Tomatoes from Mexico for the liquid, yellow squash, mushrooms, spinach, green beans, and other veggies. Scott had a big spoonful and said, "It needs salt."

"Just kidding," he said.

I actually believed him.

Devoured one and a half bowls. Dee-lish.

My Everything Salad. See the PECANS on top? It's got cut-up apple and frozen blubberies.

Diabetes! I take it seriously. Don't wanna get none of them awful complications.

Before I blogged I did the tedious operation of updating the New Directions Website for the merry month of March on Saturday. 

It's now 9:53. May I have your permission to relax?

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