Friday, November 22, 2013

Some of my favorite people - I'm thankful they're in my life - Matt Fuehrer and Helene Ryesky

First stop was to say hello to Matt Fueher of Authorized Camera Repair. He's helped me many times with my camera, which is still going strong. Read my story about him here. 

I brought him a dappled poinsettia. Read this poem about 'dappled things,' which Sarah introduced me to.

His partner Robert does the Thanksgiving Day cooking. Matt will return to work the following Friday to catch up on his work.

For Xmas, they're going out to Iowa to see Matt's family.

I love this guy!

While blogging, I get a phone call from Los Angeles, the City of Angels. I'm wondering if it's from my friend Marcy Belsh who I haven't heard from in years.

It's Herb Ross - yes! Herb Ross (who he?) from the Southern Poverty Law Center wanting a donation.

Apparently I donated $50 the last time.

Herb, I said, dyou know who you're talking to? The Poverty Queen of Cowbell Road. I pledged $25.

OMG, this reminds me of a White Suprematist serial killer who was just executed in Missouri on Nov. 20. Read this Times article about the dirty deeds he performed with his gun.

 I always surprise my friend Helene when I visit her at Rydal Park for the elders. When I arrived she was going thru her manuscripts. Helene is a wonderful writer who is working on her memoir.
While she was discussing her life at Rydal Park, I imagined videotaping her, she was so eloquent in her hatred of the place.

"I guess I'm trapped here forever," she said. 

She described it as a warehouse where people are not real.

For one thing, the staff is paid to be nice to you.

Visitors must sign in. Helene said there are cameras everywhere.

I gave her a choice of several poinsettias. She's a woman who loves choices. I knew she'd choose the brilliant red one, which she set next to some berries that her friend Ruth Almond brought her from the old neighborhood.

 Hadn't realized that Helene knew the people who moved into her house on Bauman Drive. They lived in the neighborhood but wanted a bigger house.

Helene's old house was magnifique.

Helene also was going thru her old recipes.

"I have a lot of recipes of things I made when Ruth Deming came to visit," she told me.

"Yeah," I said. "Like Davy Eyre Pancakes.

For holidays, she would make Brandy Alexander Pie using Grand Marnier. I told her I thought of her when I saw that building in Paris.

Lucky for me, I don't have diabetes and can eat as much as I want.

I remember when she had this gorgeous tall file cabinet made.
When I left, I went out the back door so I wouldn't have to face the security guards in the front and remind me how captive all of the residents are.
Well, at least the prison has nice flowers.

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