Friday, November 22, 2013

Credit Card Idiocy

As my loyal readers know, my credit card was stolen in Paris. From the Hotel Joyce, I spoke to Ivan of the credit card company, who said he was cancelling my credit card so the thief couldn't use it.

He said he'd send me another one.

I am way too trusting.

After I got home, I waited a couple of days for the new card to arrive. When it didn't I called the company.

Ivan the Schmuck never canceled it nor sent me a new one.

The new person I spoke to promised a new one would arrive in the mail.

It did not.

Today I called again. "Dorothy of Virginia" was very nice. She said she would FED-EX a new card to me which I'd receive tomro.

All she needed to do was get approval from her supervisor.

The supervisor gets on.

She has no frigging idea what's going on.

Listen, I said, I'm hanging up right now.

Next I got Raoul from Guatamala.

He asked some 'trick questions' to make sure I'm the real Ruth Z Deming.

I see a purchase here in London for $39, he said. What was is for?

I had no friggin idea.

Then he asks some more trick questions.

Listen, I said, I don't wanna be on the phone all g'dam day.

I told him I shop at the Giant Supermarket and buy gas and food there.


My credit card will be Fed-Exed and get here by tomro.

Do I believe it?

Of course not.

Why do I want it?

For every penny I spend, they send me money. So I'm waiting until I buy a bottle of olive oil till I get the card. That's the most expensive foodstuff I buy.

I needed gas, so I paid $20 cash for it. Used Scott's bonus card which got me 30-cents off per gallon.

Thank you for letting me vent!

What? I don't need your permission.

How about my having another cup of Tazo tea? May I have your permission on that?

Oh, you tell me, I'm a full-grown woman, who can even host my own dinner parties. See next post.

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