Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Rainy Day in Willow Grove - Ed the Produce Man

   Oh no! Rod Steiger just killed another woman! And George Segal, who plays a Jewish cop with a nagging mother, is perplexed on how to catch him.

I'm watching channel 29.2, replete with commercials.

Water, as we know, has awesome powers. Here on my street, where our leaves are ready for the vacuum machine, the rain whooshed them hither and thither.

I shopped at the Giant twice today. What good is a list if you don't pull it outa your pocket?

 On the back road to the Giant, I saw the erection of the new Wawa gas station. In the distance is the Willow Grove Inn. All I can remember from my meatball meal was the lumpy green seats.
I actually pulled off to the side of the road to snap this. I love carrying my cam with me.

Here's Ed the Produce Man. He's been working in the back, as has Fontaine, filling up the Peapod trucks. They got a new fleet of 14 and carry groceries to people who don't wanna go out in the bad weather, or who are just plain lazy and spoiled.

Jan and Feb will be their busiest months, said Ed, who is going to his sister/law's for Thanksgiving. He'll pick up his 90-yo dad who lives home alone.

Ed's contribution will be his home-brewed beer.

Yeah, I said, you're a (retired) math teacher so you know how to do it?

Yes, he said, I know the right chemistry.

Ed is a wonderful cook, known in his family for his spectacular desserts, most made with liqueur.

Well, I spose if I ate some of his mile-high chocolate liqueur cake, I'd be on my stationery bike for a week!

Honk if you see a Peapod truck. As Suzanne, who works the desk upstairs, said to me, Ruth, you do more advertising for the Giant than we do.

 This sprinkling of white dust is SNOW!
Here it is on the back of my car.

Oh no! Now Steiger has killed four people! Sure hope he doesn't get Lee Remick.

The real Lee Remick died in 1991 at age 55. Kidney cancer.

Quick! Think of something happy.

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