Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nice grant from IBX - She continues her frugal ways

Thanks to Bob and Matt for fixing my camera at Authorized Camera Repair. Now my leetle Canon is ready to travel with me. Turns out the batteries were low - lithium batteries are the best, said Matt - but I've had enough lithium to last me a lifetime.

You'll be happy to know that even tho New Directions got a grant from the IBX Foundation, I still continue my frugal ways.

The president of the Foundation, Lorina Marshall-Blake, called me up to personally congratulate us. I could not have wrin the grant w/o the superb help of Ada Moss Fleisher. And our accountant Larry McGuffin, who emailed them the financial info.

So how does a newly granted woman comport herself?

First thing I did was go out to a new Indian restaurant Nirvana at the Pepperidge Farm Shopping Center. Scott came with but just sat there and wept.

Actually, he had already eaten and wouldn't even taste my fare of chick peas and jasmine rice. The food was good but not spectacular.

At least five other restaurants have been there and closed down in the past few years. My prediction? They'll close down. Who eats Indian food around here? Maybe I should email Mitch Davis to do a review on the place.

 I sat on a lumpy cushion in a booth, so I moved to another table.
 For dessert, they had dumplings. Ach-tung!

Scott is on vacation. It's too rainy for the shore. We saw the movie Gravity the other day at a movie theatre.

You wear 3D glasses and objects come floating out at you. You extend your hand out to catch them.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are the only two stars. What a gorgeous body she has. She's 49.

We also watched an amazing German film about older people falling in love. Well, I watched it. Scott slept thru it.

Cloud Nine.

The Michener Museum had two excellent exhibitions. Once again, I became a member. Am determined to get there to see this walkable small museum.

We saw Henry Bertoia's sculptures and furniture... DO NOT TOUCH read every single sign by the sculptures. I brushed against it accidentally with the back of my fingers  (less oil). If this were the Barnes, a buzzer would've gone off.

What? News flash! "Seven Bertoia sculptures were destroyed by a visitor strolling by. We have her on camera."

1915-1978. Dead of lung cancer at age 63. My theory is that if you die in your sixties, it's usually from cancer.

My dad was 59.

Bought some interesting things at Marshall's for my upcoming trip from Oct 27 to Nov 8.
Here's Ruthie with her Steve Madden carry-on luggage. Madden was jailed for three years for fraud.

Sarah and I will travel to


Am wondering if the food in Paris can measure up to what I had for breakfast, using our last garden tomato?
That's right, toasted cheese on whole wheat bread with mayo and moutarde.

Last nite, in the lightly sprinkling rain I finished up my garden. I found the wheelbarrow by the curb. People do not realize that Pansies - which I got at the Depot - last all winter long.

As I ate my dinner - " Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants - from Michael Pollan, I strolled around the house munching on my salad and saw a beautiful sunrise that I want to share with you, Dear Reader.


  1. I haven't stopped by for a long time. Please ask Dan for me how I can subscribe to get your posts automatically so I can keep up. I mean to read more regularly but forget and get tied up with things. Congrats on the grant. Don't know details but you and your work deserve it.

    You have a great trip planned. We are just going to CA again and plan to have a nice time but wish it would have been elsewhere this year. We need something new and different. Speaking of new or different, I changed the name of my blog. I think it works better. What do you think? Anyway, please help me figure out how to subscribe to yours. I have wanted to for so long.

  2. i do like your easy new name Hope my readers will click on it - say what? Roberto? - California sounds like fun. which part? Curtis Branch, where art thou? I enjoyed your blog post of always wanting an interracial family. okay, gotta run. Cousin Lloyd is in town. i'll see if i can figger out how you can follow me blog.