Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chance encounter with Mary Ann proves important - No more Smoothies - Let's toast to my new Sprouted Wheat Bread

Here's what's going on in the larger world. Today is Day Two of the Government Shut-down.

I am a huge fan of Mary Ann Moylen, the nutritionist at the Giant Food Store.

Wheeling my cart filled with food to her office, I peeked inside and found her alone.

After I knocked, she came out and what turned into "I have a quick question for you" became a half-hour tour around the store and some important info about my nutrition concerns as a person with diabetes.

I asked her about the controversy about drinking soy milk.

She said that if a person has ever had cancer, they shouldn't drink it b/c it promotes the production of estrogen. Also, if you're a male, the estrogen can contribute to sterility.
I will continue drinking my chocolate soy milk.

BUT I've gotta give up my occasional morning smoothies.

My kale smoothies look a lot like this Internet photo. For people with diabetes, said Mary Ann, your sugar SKYROCKETS when you drink your breakfast.

It was almost as if she could read my daily log. Yes! It would go sky-high and silly me never believed it was from the healthful ingredients I was drinking:  Kale, peanuts, strawberries, and soy milk.

How disappointing.

Then she marched me over to the bakery. I had avoided bread and crackers - too many carbs - but she suggested I have a slice of toast with my morning eggs.

I bought a loaf made by Alvarado Street Bakery in Petaluma, CA.

Dusted off my toaster, which was stored under a towel in my laundry room, and made some delicious toast with peanut butter.

How filling!

Scott and I finished watching the terrific 2012 movie, LIFE OF PI, about a 16-yo boy who was shipwrecked and survived 257 days at sea. The music was wonderful and won an Academy Award for Best Score, Best Director, and two other awards, the most of that evening.

Life of Pi 2012 Poster.jpg

Why was the tiger on board with him? In India, his parents owned a zoo. They were sailing in a Japanese freighter with all their animals to start a zoo in Canada when suddenly the boat began to sink.

Rent this excellent film from your library and find out what happens in this exciting, spiritual tale.

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