Thursday, September 19, 2013

September casts long shadows

 These pants are part of my new Fall wardrobe. I got them at Walmart. Total cost was about $30. I insist on having pockets in my pants.

Why Walmart? I went to have my contact lenses adjusted and was a day early, so I decided to do my shopping. Nothing worse than trying on pants.

I had worn my sneakers. Instead of putting em on after each try-on, I left the sneakers in the Dressing Room and walked to the racks in my socks.
 My printer supplies me with "irregular" pads of paper. Imagine my surprise when I drove home from Walmart and saw a truck bearing the above words. I guess they're a janitorial company.
My outdoor thermometer broke. Scott surprised me with a new one this morning. It's simply gorgeous.

My goal today is to finish a Guest Column for the Intell on the Washington Navy Yard Massacre. I began it this morning, since I thot of a good lead, and if you'll excuse me I'm going upstairs to work on it now.

The editor Alan Kerr emailed me he'll be on vacation next week so I told him I'd finish up the article by tomro.

I finished it in three hours. Then read it to Scott, who said I never mentioned the word 'stigma' so I inserted that, and I read it to Beatriz from my Writing Group.

Alan told me he needs a photo of me, which I do have, but wanted a new one. I went into the baffroom, ran my hair under the shower, blow dried it, and walked over to Pat Kiernan's house. He was napping before his kids came home from school.

We went outdoors and he took a series of shots with my camera.

Ruth Z Deming models her thrift shop shirt plus tiny pearl and gold earrings from Gramma Lily.

I was tired of the old shot even tho I look so cute

Am reading about five books now plus listening to a fantastic audio book in the car

It's my first James Patterson book and I'm a fan! What took me so long to find this famous writer?

The main problem with listening to books as you drive is that you've gotta understand what the book is about. Sometimes it's virtually impossible. But with 'Tick Tock' I have no problem and am already on Disk Four. I have no idea how many disks there are, just as when I read a book I never look at the amount of pages.

This is a book about growing up in Mao's Cultural Revolution, a euphemism for growing up and nearly starving to death. Da Cheng is only four when the book begins. It's a fascinating account of living under a bullying tyrant Chairman Mao whose underlings in the Red Guard enjoy bullying and beating their subjects.

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